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Do you want to meet garden bloggers and share your garden related

Do you want to meet garden bloggers and share your garden related


Do you want to meet garden bloggers and share your garden related posts? Join this

Do you want to meet garden bloggers and share your garden related posts? Join this month's #MyGloriousGardens link party! C… | Gardening in Urban Areas ...

Best Garden Blogs

Would you love to meet other garden bloggers and share your garden posts? Join the

Gardens are a great example that we reap what we sow. Starting from the Garden of Eden that God provided for Adam and Eve, to gardens we create and maintain ...

How to start a gardening blog

There are also some great homesteading blogs who also write about gardening too.

Life In A Community Garden

Best Garden Blogs

Would you like a sugar snap pea?

And got the opportunity to plant with them again this Spring!

The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies — Gertrude Jekyll

BeGreen is a multi-purpose landscape and gardening WordPress theme with 12 website demos to choose from.

Beginning of the nerines. I have them planted in 17 tiers along a ramp, each with different light exposure, so each blooms at a different time for months of ...

Organic Garden Oasis

The Tremaynes were keen botanists and plant collectors. Many of the rhododendrons encircling Floras Green were grown from seed collected by plant explorer ...

Organic Spring Vegetable Garden

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Plant Notes #22 - About garden clubs and study groups

Please mention this to any students, staff or faculty who you think would be a great board member for the garden!

To celebrate the abundance of apples this time of year, the Berkeley Garden Club holds an annual apple tasting at it's October meeting. The results are in: ...

Ian Wilson, Owner, Portland Edible Gardens

There's always some of this self-sowing amaranth germinating, growing, or blooming year 'round. A great "weed" to enjoy in your garden -- and the leaves are ...

@coyotewillow belongs to the garden designer Dan Pearson, and mixes the ordinary with the exotic. Photograph: @coyotewillow

Do you grow veggies in raised beds? Post a photo and share your raised-

Image of ducks in a row. Humane Gardening Heroes


In the furthest corner of the patio, behind the loveseat and under a sweetshrub, the newborn fawn felt safe enough to take cover. But we could see her ...

At The Community Garden, It's Community That's The Hard Part

Freshen up your flower garden with these expert recommendations, tips and ideas that can make any yard look like a million bucks.


Portland Edible Gardens: Raised Garden Beds, Edible Landscaping, and Vegetable Garden Help in

best gardening wordpress themes

Share the Beauty of Roses This Spring. Garden ...

The Campus Community Garden. Located at the University of Victoria

Blog. Enchanted Gardens

This will make it bushier. More new growth will also emerge from the base of the plant. If you want ...

But back to the garden! Freckles lettuce


...ooh, wouldn't those unique scented geraniums look fantastic with those colorful calibrachoa in the porch container gardens.

Organic Summer Vegetable Garden

Planting the first seeds of the year

My nasturtium "ocean" from seeds sown a decade ago.

17 Dreamy Hydrangea Gardens That Are Giving Us Major Inspiration - Southern Living

Image of baby deer by patio

Meet a Woman Who Keeps 500 Plants in Her Brooklyn Apartment - Modern Farmer

Our One Small Garden raised beds.


RX_1701_Hydrangea Gardens_Hydrangea Garden

Image of duck pond in Sharon Patterson's garden


We have extended the deadline and are accepting applications until the end of the day on Sunday, October 21st, 2018. Applicants must be pre-approved for ...

...ooh, wouldn't those unique scented geraniums look fantastic with those colorful calibrachoa in the porch container gardens.

Many of these peer-reviewed publications are relevant outside of Washington State.

Gardening simply does not allow one to be mentally old, because too many hopes and

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Located in southern Massachusetts, Avant Gardens has some of the best unusual plants for New England gardens.

Image of fawn by patio


Image of Chicken dinnertime in Sharon Patterson's garden Meet ...

Holiday Events for Gardeners

There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments.

This garden season was full of adventure! I would have never imagined I'd

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The 5-gallon buckets are buried up to their rims,. The hose fills them so water exits bottom holes directly into the foot-deep root zone.

Some forgotten potatoes popped up when I sowed the cilantro.

Press Street Gardens' Plant Share

Master gardener education table

How to Deadhead an Astilbe. Astilbes are one of those garden ...

Discover the best resources to help you create welcoming habitat for wildlife in your gardens with native plants so that you will attract more birds, ...

Garden fence

Our raised gardens are fuller now with the fruits and vegetables of our early spring and summer labor. It's a wonderful time of year when our plates ...

forest garden banner

A huge thanks to Pierre for taking the time to chat with me and show me just one of his three garden masterpieces. I love the quote “A gardener is a person ...


Heligan's goal is to champion and conserve heritage varieties, so the vegetable gardens are planted with crops that would have been there in 1910.


...ooh, wouldn't those unique scented geraniums look fantastic with those colorful calibrachoa in the porch container gardens.

Gardening with Rabbits

Beautiful salvia loving this transition time in the garden

I have them planted all over the garden so they all bloom in their own time depending on the amount of sun they each get.

Image of Eastern tiger swallowtail on mountain mint

Smit and his partners, along with crews of volunteers, spent several years cutting, clearing, burning and replanting. Much of the property was steep valley, ...

The Informed Gardener website – where it all began.

Etalon is a multipurpose WordPress theme with many incredible attributes. You will get it with tons of documentation and demo content for of its areas of ...

How to Create a Colorful Garden


When they've developed good root systems, I'll transplant around the garden and share with friends.

Can I Live in my Garden Shed?

20 Best Gardening And Landscaping WordPress Themes 2019

Artichokes resprout from planting several years ago. Note that several new clumps develop at the outer edges of the gap which was the original planting.

WS Garden · Details Demo Hosting


Why plant invasive butterfly bush when you can feed both adult butterflies and the caterpillars of