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Early Adopter Millennials Leading in Mobile Device Adoption

Early Adopter Millennials Leading in Mobile Device Adoption


"Brands and marketers are taking notice of Millennials and the fact that they communicate and behave differently than other generations," said Bill Tancer, ...

Early Adopter Millennials spend more time than their generational peers using various technologies, such mobile tablets (17%) and mobile phones (14%):

Early Adopter Millennials are 32% more likely than other Millennials to IM (instant message) or chat online, 26% more likely to read media, 20% more likely ...


Early Adopter Millennials Mobile Activities, Last 7 Days - Experian

Infographic: Baby Boomers Embrace Technology | Statista

Early Adopter Millennials Leading in Mobile Device Adoption

Maybe the most telling data point that shows how differently Millennials think about their phone and their PC is that answering a phone call does not top ...

Black millennials are early adopters, new data shows.


5 Social Business Adopter Types: Prepare Early


Cashless payments make up 81% of transactions in Sweden.

Forecast US Mobile Payments


Figure 1: Adopter categorization on the basis of innovativeness (Rogers, 2003)

Mark (Millennial): I cannot remember a time in my adult life when Venmo did not play a significant role. I picked it up in college – a move prompted by a ...

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China leads Asian consumption of technology

Mobile Payments Survey: Apple Pay Leads Google Pay in Usage and Interest Among Millennials & GenZ ...

Lower-Income Americans Are Becoming Increasingly Dependent On Smartphones, Says Study

Is there an age skew for using VR Headsets? (MetaFAQs)

A mobile wallet is a smartphone app that stores your debit or credit cards and/or loyalty and prepaid cards for the purpose of making payments for goods and ...

The Millennial Generation Research Review

graph showing revolving balances

Training Millennials: A short guide - eFrontPro Blog


Why Consumer Expectations for Smart Home Technology Are on the Rise

Who's Leading the Charge When It Comes to Mobile Productivity Gains?

October 11, 2016 by Grace Caffyn

Overview of responses

How to Sell Insurance to Millennials (7 Tactics for the Next Ten Years)

pie chart showing spending by payment method


The Millennial Generation, highly referenced and often criticized, they are the future. The good news is this group is goal-oriented and results-driven, ...

Early Adopters - Diffusion of Innovation

Mobile wallets a hit with young working adults in Singapore | Marketing Interactive

Mobile Device & Social Media Growth

Man Paying With NFC Technology On Smart Phone

Millennials are showing the way for older generations

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High expectations for 5G

Millennial Use of Mobile While In-Store

Aurelien Foucault


Demographic segmentation behaviour crowd

product adoption timeline. Millennial product packages

African-American Millennials are early adopters in trying new electronic gadgets says Nielsen New Electronic

Digital Payments are soaring in Europe – so what does it mean for retail?

47. 47 | Early adopters ...


Mobile Payments Continue to Expand

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Infographic: Are Smart Speakers the Key to the Smart Home? | Statista

Facebook early adopters

Figure 2: Framework for the design, development, and implementation on-campus technology-enhanced learning (adapted from Van Deventer et al., 2013.)

... services Smartphone Bookers; 9. Phocuswright White Paper: Identifying Early Adopters ...

Early adopters of new technology typically make up a small segment of the population. But a new study shows that it's actually a majority of Americans who ...

5.2 Intensity of phone usage

WHAT WE WANT. millennials most important

Are connected consumers driving smart homes?

The two biggest generations the United States has ever seen each have their own takes on social media. Baby Boomers are focused on keeping in touch with ...

Getty Images. The iPhone ...

... 33.

Frequency of User Complains of Safaricom M-Pesa Money Services

5.2 Intensity of phone usage

45. 45 | Early adopters ...

mobile payments

Millennials who say their expectations on network performance have been met (percent)

They're not just for millennials anymore

millennials google search

In the past, cross-generational embracement of a new concept might have taken several decades to achieve. Case in point, the amount of time it took for the ...

How millennials experiment with their working styles for job gratification


How Generation Z is changing the tech world

millennials on a mission

... Business Smartphone Bookers; 19. Phocuswright White Paper: Identifying Early Adopters ...

However, the same isn't true for Millennials (18-34), whose ownership rate has slid significantly since 2017 and is today closer to what it was in 2015, ...

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Figure 3: Screenshot of the virtual helper, Dr. Cupcake, embedded in the study guide

try new technology, and then I will try it myself 54% 35% I

State of AI in the Enterprise, 2nd Edition

Millennials, unsurprisingly, love upgrading to the latest smartphones

Why being an early adopter doesn't mean you don't need to worry about cyber security?

Forget Early Adopters: These People Are Happy to Be Late

Mobile Payments Awareness Grows, Cash Use Declines; Consumers Demand More to Make the Leap to Mobile, Accenture Survey Finds

Modern consumers — millennials, in particular — couldn't care less about receiving fine china, crystal stemware or other knickknacks as wedding gifts.

Uber's marketing strategy