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Episode 15 Exploring the Applications of Reinforcement Learning

Episode 15 Exploring the Applications of Reinforcement Learning


... stellar episode #15 featuring Xander Steenbrugge, as he navigates us through the wide-ranging and intricate world of reinforcement learning.

Episode #15: Exploring The Applications Of Reinforcement Learning With Xander Steenbrugge DataHack Radio podcast

DataHack Radio #15: Exploring the Applications & Potential of Reinforcement Learning with Xander Steenbrugge

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In this third episode of DataHack Radio, Kunal chats with him about his background, his approach to machine learning competitions, his Kaggle journey, ...

In the first ever episode of the DataHack Radio podcast, we host Kaggle's co-founder and CEO Anthony Goldbloom. He has been featured in Forbes' 'Top 30 ...

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An Introduction to Deep Reinforcement Learning Vishal A. Bhalla Technical University of Munich (TUM ...

Introduction. Quantum computing and quantum machine learning ...

Xavier Giro-i-Nieto [email protected] Associate Professor Universitat ...

DataHack Radio #11: Decision Intelligence with Google Cloud's Chief Decision Scientist, Cassie Kozyrkov

Reinforcement Learning Deep Dive with Pieter Abbeel - This Week in Machine Learning & AI Watch Machine Learning with scikit-learn and Tensorflow | Prime Video

LM101-062: How to Transform a Supervised Learning Machine into a Value Function Reinforcement Learning Machine

Intrinsic interactive reinforcement learning – Using error-related potentials for real world human-robot interaction | Scientific Reports

DataHack Radio Episode #5: Building High Performance Data Science teams with Kiran R

Adversarial Attacks Against Reinforcement Learning Agents with Ian Goodfellow & Sandy Huang

Episode #13: Data Science and AI in the Oil & Gas Industry with Yogendra Pandey, Ph.D.

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DataHack Radio #16: Kaggle Grandmaster SRK's Journey and Advice for Data Science Competitions

Putting a bug in machine learning: a moth brain learns to read MNIST.

DataHack Radio Episode #3 – Marios Michailidis' Inspiring Story of a Non-Programmer

... Download full-size image

Tonight, the Women in Machine Learning & Data Science (WiMLDS) meetup and the Paris Machine Learning Group are hosting an exceptional “Hors Série” meetup ...

Photo by Fab Lentz. Deep reinforcement learning is ...

Episode #9: Data Science at Airbnb & Lyft with Dr. Alok Gupta


Summarized performance of three different reinforcement learning methods (EANT, NEAT, and Sarsa(

Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement Learning ...

Comparing Q-Learning and Macro-Q Learning with options generated based on the subgoals

Episode #6: Techniques, Strategy, & More with Coursera's Head of Data Science, Emily Glassberg Sands

A slice through the space of reinforcement learning methods, showing the most important dimensions.

... 15.

Each query sent to ReJOIN is an episode, the state represents subtrees of a binary join tree together with information about the query join and selection ...

Introduction 4; 5.

Machine Learning – Software Engineering Daily by Machine Learning – Software Engineering Daily on Apple Podcasts

Keyconcepts; 11.

Average of rewards for each episode in cart-pole balancing. Again, practice helps

Learning curves for the cost objective

Emergence of deep RL through different essential milestones.


State and action parsing scheme for the indexing case study.

38; 47. Q-learning ...

15 ...

This figure compares validation with or without prior knowledge using confidence neural network.

... Download full-size image

Paris ML E#2 S#6: Conscience, Code Analysis, Can a machine learn like a child?

Application of reinforcement learning.

Paris Machine Learning Meetup Archives

24 Hour Power Demand

Mastering the game of Go with deep neural networks and tree search | Nature

I demonstrate that it is possible to extract graphs from simulated organograms using an instance segmentation and reinforcement learning approach.

A linear hypothesis shown on an age vs blood pressure graph.

Average reward of students with the fully trained RL teacher, compared to early advising and

Reinforcement Learning (Reloaded) - Xavier Giró-i-Nieto - UPC Barcelona 2018


Reinforcement Learning Deep Dive with Pieter Abbeel - This Week in Machine Learning & AI

Episodes vs. Actions

The basic reinforcement learning scenario

7; 15.

Applications ...

LM101-051: How to Use Radial Basis Function Perceptron Software for Supervised Learning [Rerun]

Policy networks

... 9. ...


With episodes ranging from anywhere between 15 minutes to an hour, the Data Skeptic is a great way to introduce yourself to the world of Data Science ...

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Simulated robot learning. (a) Accumulated errors of the robot for each subjects, (b) accumulated regret for each subjects, (c) accumulated errors of the ...

Average Convergence of MARL & PSO For 1,000 Training Episodes Over 25 Statistical Runs

A POMDP in a robotic mapping application (from [TMK04], omitting the observations

An illustration of our TMP-RL framework

... Download full-size image

CCS after 4000 episodes in DST raw version.

Median reward per episode by CMA-ES out of 500 repetitions of the experiment .

Agenda Introduction to Reinforcement Learning SageMaker RL example: Cartpole Overview of RL-Coach Introduction to SageMaker RL; 3.

Overview of the AUVs control system

This Week in Machine Learning & AI

Keywords: Monte Carlo Tree Search, knowledge graph, reinforcement learning

This figure compares the learning curves of ConfidenceHAT with HAT and RL without any bootstrapping in

Reinforcement Learning of Morphing Airfoils with Aerodynamic and Structural Effects

... Reinforcement Learning” (2018); 8.

Reinforcement Learning faces [10]

Categorization of model-based RL applications on robotic manipulators. Each proposed approach is categorized

The Actor-Critic Architecture

Figure 1. Reinforcement learning elements.

Theoretical learning curve variations based on polynomial degree.

... probabilities; 14.

Our system viewed as an intrinsically motivated reinforcement learner. (Adapted from Singh et al