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Film students shooting their short film on location in Griffith Park

Film students shooting their short film on location in Griffith Park


Film students shooting their short film on location in Griffith Park, Los Angeles, under

Mapped: See the L.A. Locations Where 'La La Land' Was Filmed

What Makes the Griffith Observatory the Perfect Movie Location?

(0:05) The Arrival Of The Terminator / Griffith Park Observatory; 2800 Observatory Road, Los Angeles

Go On Location: The Best Movie & TV Locations in Los Angeles

What You Need to Know about Filming in LA: a Permitting Primer - Film Independent

Courtesy of Lionsgate. '

Transformers film location: Griffith Observatory, Griffith Park, Los Angeles

Shooting in the desert? Guess what? You need a permit.

Or click here to see the original, un-marked version of the park map.

The ultimate 'La La Land' filming location map Griffith Observatory La La Land Movie

... well as 2nd ranked Griffith Park (90027) and 4th ranked Venice (90291), is that their boundaries cover some of the city's most popular individual film ...

Several trailers were vacant and the owners I think were waiting for people. ".

Top 20 most-used film and TV locations revealed

The Terminator

Bronson Canyon, part of Griffith Park, this short hike takes you through a popular filming location for alien movie scenes. This tunnel was used for the " ...

Some inebriated punks have taken note of a naked man walking toward them from Griffith Observatory. The similarities speak for themselves.

Rebel Without A Cause: Mr Moloney visited Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles

Shooting Guerilla Style (At Your Own Risk): The 8 Tips You Need to Know

Griffith Park

"We are the weirdos, mister." Rachel True, left, Fairuza Balk. "

Or click here to see an even bigger version, showing the trail, and all of Griffith Park. Or click here to see the original, un-marked version of the park ...

(500) Days of Summer filming location: the Canadian Building, Main Street,

While the varied location requirements of real-world productions (urban, rural, suburban, coastal, industrial etc.) help contribute to a long-tail ...

Austin Griffith/Shutterstock


And, for the film and TV buffs, there may be no better way to spend a vacation in California then exploring some of its most amazing filming locations, ...


La La Land film location: East 3rd Street, Alamitos Beach, Long Beach

Gorn Kirk cannon

The merry-go-round in October 2010. Photograph by Lindsay Blake. Film · TV

13 Real-Life Los Angeles Locations Every 'La La Land' Fan Should Visit


Star Trek filming location: The Golden Gate San Francisco


The Hollywood Location Walk is a popular tour in Wilmington

The actual Southern California locations where the 2008 movie "Pineapple Express" was filmed.

I had read several references about the filming of The Meadow scene from the first Twilight movie. Everything pointed to it being in the middle of Griffith ...

The opening sequence of La La Land, with downtown in the background.

Welcome sign at Griffith Park's northwest entrance

La La Land filming location: Griffith Observatory, East Obervatory Road, Griffith Park,

Pulp Fiction filming location: Flower Street, Glendale, California

Filming Locations for Grease (1978), in Los Angeles

Go On Location: Los Angeles Locations from The Fast and the Furious Movies | Discover Los Angeles Mobile | California

Artists in love, stars who can't dance, and a very hot freeway: how they made La La Land

Columbia Pictures Herschel would later sue for sexual harassment.

And here (below) is a photo I shot (during daylight hours, in 2007) of the actual road in in Griffith Park where they filmed the death scene.

31 Places to Visit That Will Give You Movie Déjà Vu

Los Angeles Movie Locations

Fear the Walking Dead - Filming Locations

40 film locations around the world: East Chop Light Oak Bluffs Martha's Vineyard Massachusetts,

A Star Is Born film location: Greek Theatre, Crystal Springs Drive, Griffith Park

... Bronson Cave Trail Griffith Park ...

... Malibu Creek MASH set

During this period the bridge will be closed to vehicular and pedestrian traffic and to film production activity. A Popular Filming Location

Filming Locations for The Artist (2011), in Los Angeles.

Videos and Graduate Productions. We welcome you to view the creative production outcomes from our Griffith Film School ...

Another location that should be familiar to fans of the series is the camp's lake, which is seen many times throughout the show. This was filmed at the ...

Eventually, the camera pulls back to reveal their location, in Griffith Park, just a short ways behind the Griffith Observatory, which towers over them.

Samuel Oschin Planetarium at the Griffith Observatory

La Habra Heights – Park – Grass Area

Bronson Canyon, or Bronson Caves, is a section of Griffith Park in Los Angeles, California that has become famous as a filming location for a large number ...

Warner Bros.

Ian McKellen in a scene from the film The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

Queen Anne Cottage at L.A. County Arboretum

40 film locations around the world: Christ Church College, Oxford University, UK.

While only exteriors were shot on location, the cast and crew all stayed at the hotel during filming.


Transformers house location: West 24th Street, Los Angeles

Don't get shut down by these guys!

Emerging LA filmmakers create short films with small budgets and big ideas

The Sound of Music

Structures at griffith park zoo.jpg

Buffy the Vampire Slayer filming locations

40 film locations around the world: The town was the location for the scenes set

Central Garden at the Getty Center.

Golfers at Wilson & Harding Course in Griffith Park (2013)

bowling chop sury palace a christmas story

The production team for The Box checks a shot while on location.

Bronson Canyon is located within Griffith Park, and is only a short hike of about a quarter of a mile from a dirt parking lot. When you come upon it you see ...

Tesla coil at the Observatory

... filming location to create a more celestial landscape for the 1983 blockbuster, but the crew managed to do all their filming in secrecy under a false ...

Filming Locations · Documentary Film · Documentaries · We Were Wanderers On A Prehistoric Earth by James W Griffiths. We Were Wanderers is

The cages are quite small ...

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20. Mr. Strickland's house (1985A)