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For people learning multiple languages the following rules are

For people learning multiple languages the following rules are


For people learning multiple languages, the following rules are essential

5 big advantages to learning multiple languages at once

girl reading tablet in classroom

Many European kids learn two foreign languages by age 9. Most Americans? Zero

How many languages can you speak? British people are generally not very good language learners. In a recent survey, 62 per cent of the population only speak ...

Know These 4 Areas of Typical Second-Language 'Errors'. kids saying hello in different languages

ultimate guide polyglot blogs

... learners in the ELT classroom. word bubbles different languages

What can hyperpolyglots teach the rest of us?

Language versatality

Learn to Speak Persian: Your Complete Guide

Joshua Foer: 'What if, instead of tabbing over to the web browser in search of some nugget of gossip or news, we could scratch the itch by engaging in a ...

12 Rules for Learning Foreign Languages in Record Time — The Only Post You'll Ever Need

illustration of the word "language" in multiple languages

Teacher writing spanish words of the chalkboard during spanish class

Polyglots: How and Why They Can Learn So Many Languages

Children learning foreign languages at a Grammar School in the 60's

Reading Comprehension

Multilingualism Facts

Language learning careers. Are you learning a language to ...

Talk about: Learning languages

12 Rules for Learning Foreign Languages in Record Time — The Only Post You'll Ever Need

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Multilingual sign outside the mayor's office in Novi Sad, written in the four official languages of the city: Serbian, Hungarian, Slovak, and Pannonian ...

By ...

English (1.5 billion learners), French (82 million learners) and Chinese (30 million learners) are the three most commonly studied foreign languages.

A man writes Chinese characters on a footpath using water and a brush in central Beijing.David Gray / Reuters

teacher working with two English language learners. In ...

One researcher of language acquisition describes her basic question as “How do I get a thought from my mind into yours?”

... with your partner and wished they could just read your mind? If they only knew how you were feeling, they'd stop putting up a fight. That's sort of ...

Logically enough, your level improves. With time, your potential increases and you can understand more and you can theoretically join in ...

Say Hello in Different Languages

Sign in Singapore

Old Sanskrit Manuscript

5 Hacks to Learn Languages by Reading Literature

Germans Are More Likely to Correct You When You're Wrong

Say No in Various Languages

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125 Ways to Start (and Maintain) a Conversation in English

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Learning a new language is never an easy thing to do, but there are ways to make it easier. There are also ways to make it more difficult. Aiming to learn ...

easiest second language for english speakers

Bilingualism does not cause confusion. jakeliefer, CC BY

Books in a library in Prague, Czech Republic

High school Spanish taught as a second language to a class of native English speakers at an American private school in Massachusetts.

Languages of Singapore

Learn a foreign language with videos

As a fluent Welsh speaker, who learned the language myself – I understand exactly how learners feel and understand the many pitfalls a Welsh learner can ...

Blackboard used in class at Harvard shows students' efforts at placing the diaeresis and acute accent diacritics used in the Spanish orthography.

Different non-English languages appearing on directional road signs in Singapore

People who start using a foreign language regularly (for example, after moving to a different country) often find themselves struggling to recall words when ...

Benny Lewis —

Learn Spanish with Babbel for Desktop and Mobile. A language is more ...

Say Yes in Different Languages

Languages don't all have the same number of terms for colors – scientists have a new theory why

How To Languages

Raising a child bilingually does not cause language learning difficulties.

Why do human beings speak so many languages?

Learn Several Languages at a Time · How to

Languages of the Roman Empire


How can we support kids in learning more than one language?

How Many Words You Should Know

Five Stages of Second Language Acquisition

'Dobry den' in Czech Means 'Hello' or Literally 'Good Day'

Ten things you might not have known about the English language | OxfordWords blog

Maldivian in Carl Faulmann [de]'s Das Buch der Schrift, 1880

Learn to Speak Persian: Your Complete Guide

... in two languages: Reading Comprehension

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Do children get confused growing up speaking two languages? Or is it beneficial? Shutterstock

At What Age Does Our Ability to Learn a New Language Like a Native Speaker Disappear

The letters of the alphabet in American Sign Language.

Reading Comprehension

Order force: the old grammar rule we all obey without realising | Tim Dowling | Opinion | The Guardian

Know more than one language? Don't give it up! Sign in to comment

Is it True that German is Hard to Learn?

Each row orders the color chips for one language: Colors farther left are easier to communicate, those farther to the right are harder to communicate.

Beach sign in Aruba