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Forget deepfakes Misinformation is showing up in our most personal

Forget deepfakes Misinformation is showing up in our most personal


This type of content took advantage of deep partisan divisions and was designed to reinforce positions and denigrate the other side.

Avery Holton

The remark drew countless comparisons on Twitter to this line from George Orwell's 1984: “The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears.

Hitching one's proverbial wagon to social and technology platforms won't ever make up for not having a viable business model.

Nieman Lab

Later, after I left law for journalism, I learned that journalists do, in fact, call the people in their stories “characters.” I remember how astonished I ...

But the list of things we can't do — but still have to — is growing longer.



Journalists like Ezra Klein, Bill Simmons, and Nate Silver all leveraged their personal audiences and large ...

The tone of the journalistic coverage of Silicon Valley changed dramatically as well. Previous years' breathless enthusiasm and optimistic accounts of ...

The publishers' CMS wars will begin. Every publisher that hasn't built its own custom CMS — and even some that have — will get on-board with offerings from ...

Journalists' and the public's naiveté about online information warfare has to end. News literacy in the digital age requires an understanding of how ...

First is that misinformation's main effects are felt in western democracies, or at its most global level, as a continuation of east-west battles.

Core work is everything that goes into the central product of a newsroom. For most online and print organizations, that's people-reporting distilled into ...

The movement toward more community engagement in journalism has continued to pick up steam over the last several years, and it seems inevitable that this ...

Facebook traffic has plummeted and publishers are focused on diversifying their growth strategies. Audiences are exhausted, the news cycle is more intense ...

Digital manipulation may be good for Hollywood but new "deepfake" techniques could create a new kind of misinformation, according to researchers

Experts say an important way to deal with deepfakes is to increase public awareness, making people more skeptical of what used to be considered ...

And research has long shown that this type of coverage only propagates further cynicism directed at the media.

Over the past year, technologists have witnessed entirely unprecedented advances in the field of AI-enabled forgeries and manipulations: from developments ...

In 2019, we need to double down in the quality of our journalism, regardless of the medium or platform in which we execute it. As it turns out, ...

King Davie Muchui


Still, it's easy, especially early on, to focus on the upside of new media business innovations rather than their potential downsides.

How to fight the reality of deepfakes [Video]

Combating threat from deepfakes [Video]

Sérgio Lüdtke


Seeing may not be believing: AI deepfakes and trust in media

Because It Helps Us Identify and Combat Misinformation — Why Social Science?


Scarlett Johansson says trying to stop people making deepfake porn videos of her is a 'lost cause'

Scarlett Johansson slams deepfakes, says she can't stop the internet from pasting her face on porn

1 big thing: Startups take aim at deepfakes

An AFP journalist views an example of a "deepfake" video manipulated using artificial intelligence, by Carnegie Mellon University researchers

Responding To "Deepfakes", Scarlett Johansson Laments "Vast Wormhole Of Darkness" That Is The Internet 00:49

Lawmakers: Deepfakes Could “Undermine Public Trust” in “Objective Depictions of Reality”

The producers of "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story," digitally recreated actors Peter Cushing and Carrie Fisher after their deaths using techniques similar to ...

2019: A year when fake news gets intimate and everyone disagrees on everything » Nieman Journalism Lab

News Co/Lab

Short Guide to History of Fake News and Disinformation ICFJ.jpg

AI Can Have A Dark Side Too: Heard Of Deepfake Videos?

Free Online Course on Media and Disinformation

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deepfakes fake news tv head manipulation superimposed brainwashed

Russian President Vladimir Putin looks at a monument to the Nobel Prize-winning author Alexander

deepfakes_fake-news_unreal_doctored_malicious-personal -attack_video_audio-100765585-large.3x2.jpg

ICFJ learning module takes readers through the history of 'fake news' and disinformation

'Cash Me Outside' Teen to Serve 5 Years Probation Inside California

Mark Zuckerberg slammed for 'tone-deaf' end of year message | Daily Mail Online

Don't Be Duped by Voting Misinformation Before the Midterms

How to stop people using your face for porn (or other scarier things)

Heather Ford

US lawmakers say AI deepfakes 'have the potential to disrupt every facet of our society'

... and Asa Akira talk about representation, the marketing of white women vs. women of color in adult movies, and how porn is still a very white industry.

New Tumblr guidelines crack down on hate speech, sexual images and deepfakes

There's a reckoning coming over fakeness online

If DARPA Wants To Stop Deepfakes, They Should Talk To Facebook And Google

Browser plug-ins that spot fake news show the difficulty of tackling the 'information apocalypse'

The Economist asks: What's behind the new anti-Semitism? Now Playing

BBC: deepfake video involving Amroliwala speaking Mandarin

Experts warn DeepFakes could influence 2020 US election chooses 'misinformation' as word of the... | Daily Mail Online

DARPA Spent $68 Million on Technology to Spot Deepfakes

Start Up No.948: the deep fakes problem, Wisconsin dumps Foxconn fave, folding screens ahoy!, Bristol's spying phoneboxes, and more

Researchers developed an AI to detect DeepFakes

The site's choice of 'misinformation' over 'disinformation' was deliberate, intended to

UoP Journalism

Experts Bet on First Deepfakes Political Scandal

Newsonomics: Tribune's Thursday night surprise rescrambles the consolidation puzzle

Highlights from the Senate Intelligence hearing with Facebook and Twitter | TechCrunch

A green Google sign at a conference

Misinformation was chosen on Monday as's word of the year for 2018

... but high up there is that it's really my one chance a year to put on my old webmonkey hat and actually write some code and think about ...

New report sets guidelines for EU effort to tackle disinformation

DRI - Disinformation Resilience in Central and Eastern Europe

Deepfakes are a Destructive Turing Test

Dr Susana Sampaio-Dias followed

Babbage: The blame game. Now Playing

Research found volunteers who gazed at their reflections for up to ten minutes at a time

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Newsonomics: Let the 2019 Consolidation Games begin! First up: Alden seeks to swallow

From left: European Commissioners Andrus Ansip, Vĕra Jourová, Julian King and Mariya Gabriel speak at a press conference on disinformation on Wednesday ...

The world ahead: Universal lessons. Now Playing

Deepfakes and the New Disinformation War: The Coming Age of Post-Truth Geopolitics : geopolitics

Should old surveillance be forgot @hypervisible

Facebook guy shrugging on rooftop with Facebook symbol in background

'Digital defeats print' is the headline as Gannett steps away from printed election results

Filmmaker behind fake Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez interview claims video was satire, after it went viral | The Independent

India could be the next media battleground

Jen Gotch built an empire on rainbows—and a following on vulnerability

Acting AG: Mueller probe 'close to being completed'

Dr Susana Sampaio-Dias