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Gradient Dyeing with ziplocs and a microwave Dyeing and Spinning

Gradient Dyeing with ziplocs and a microwave Dyeing and Spinning


Gradient Dyeing with ziplocs and a microwave

How to Dye Yarn in the Microwave: The Ziploc Bag Method - The Yarn Bucket

Well-described variant method to dye a very-slow-striping gradient using food colouring. Mini-skeins. Turquoise Dreams

How to dye roving in the microwave - Easy tutorial and beautiful colours! Fitzbirch Crafts

tomboyknits: Unicorn Farts Rainbow Yarn Tutorial- she uses Koolaid but it will work great with Dharma or Jacquard Acid Dyes too for m…

Free tutorial: How to dye wool yarn in sections shades using microwave. Loom Knitting

Awesome! leane finlay · Yarn dyeing ideas

6 Yarn Dyeing Techniques

6 Yarn Dyeing Techniques

Sprinkle Dyed Yarn DIY from Chalk Legs- Great technique for our Acid Dyes!

How to dye yarn at home without chemicals. Just food dye and vinegar!TRY THIS METHOD-Cold pour/dip, set in microwave

How to Dye Self Striping Yarn by

Microwave Dyeing Yarn with Fibermania- another great way to space dye yarn and fix the

How to Dye Yarn in the Microwave: The Ziploc Bag Method - The Yarn Bucket | Make / Dye Yarn | Pinterest | Pintar and Utiles

how to dye yarn in your slow cooker- this is a great technique for Dharma and Jacquard Acid Dyes!

Dyeing yarn by immersion and timing each immersion.

Speckle Dye ~ Speckled Yarn is all the rage now, isn't it? Well, you can learn to dye your own speckled or sprinkled yarn for that special knitting or ...

Cake Dyeing Yarn in the microwave by Rosa Pomar- technique for Dharma and Jacquard Acid

My Knitted Heart: Yarn dyeing with RIT dye tutorial Knitted Heart, Rit Dye,

Bee Mice Elf - low immersion dyeing

the star box: Late Night Fiber Dyeing!

How to Dye a Gradient or Ombre Style Yarn. DIY yarn dying tutorial, showing

Hand dyed yarn types: semisolid, variegated, gradient, ombre More

Knitty roving dye tutorial using an oven. Great way to maintain consistent temperature.

Beginner's Guide to Hand Dyeing Yarn, More

gradient dying with food coloring. amazing how she got such dark colors, with food coloring!

Dying yarn with food colouring, white vinegar and a microwave oven. Fabric Yarn,

I love to dye yarn @Kate Stubenvoll Kool Aid Dye, Rit Dye, Spinning

Diary of a Crafty Chica™: HOW TO: Dye Yarn Crochet Yarn, Knitting

Yarn Dye Techniques Video Instructions Lots Of Ideas

How to Dye Ugly Yarn Crochet Yarn, Knitting Yarn, Knitting Patterns, Crochet Patterns

How to Shibori With Natural Dyes - Natural Dyeing, Shibori, Hobbies

How to Kettle Dye Yarn and Fiber

dye samples

hand dyed yarn

I love Wilton's Violet food coloring and I love making speckled yarn. Why not combine

Jacquard Acid Dye, Fire Red 618, for Wool, Silk , Feathers, Nylon, and Other Protein Fibers - product images of

gradient yarn dying tutorial Fabric Yarn, How To Dye Fabric, Fabric Dyeing Techniques,

The Work is Getting to Me: How to dye a long gradient with wool and

This is one of my favorite ways to dye yarn. It's a lot like steaming

How to Kettle Dye Yarn

Using food coloring to dye yarn Spinning Yarn, Shibori, Yarn Colors, Loom Knitting

free PDF tutorial for how to dye wool yarn in an oven

From Melody Johnson: Yarn dyeing tutorial--microwave and gladware.a true fiber addict ;

Yarn dyed with Easter egg dye! I knew there was a reason I bought all of that egg dye from the clearance section!

How to dye wool and other fibers with food coloring

I& done yarn dyeing tutorials in the past like my gradient slow cooker method or my ice cube solar dyeing experiment .

How To Make Self Striping Yarn

Great sample chart for using Wilton's food coloring gels. Also some interesting variegated hand-dyed yarn.

Jimmy Sock, Hand Dyed Yarn, Sock Yarn, HauteKnitYarn, Superwash Merino, Nylon, Fingering weight, Sock, Summer Cocktails , Blueberry Mojito

Spin And Naturally Dye Your Own Wool | Melbourne | The Thousands

Dyeing Yarn, Loom Weaving, Knitting Projects, Spinning

Hand Dyed Yarn, Knitting Socks, Yarn Crafts, Dreaming Of You, Spinning, Crochet Projects, Knit Socks, Hand Spinning, Bicycling

Adorn Anew Blog Tour: How to dye a gradient yarn with kool-aid

how to dye yarn with light to dark variations using Wilton food coloring Fabric Yarn,

Items I Love by Erin on Etsy

This tutorial will show you how to dye yarn in a single, long gradient. This technique is a lot of fun, and can produce some really amazing results.

House on the Hill - Hand Dyed Sock Yarn Heavy Fingering Weight 100g Skein 462yds Plump

Create your own bright or subtle variegated yarns and rovings with this easy technique. Dyeing

An easy method of dyeing yarn in a microwave

Dyeing Yarn in a Ziploc Bag Crochet Jar Covers, Crochet Bowl, Knit Crochet,

How to Kettle-Dye Yarn with Kool-Aid

How to Dye Yarn with a Slow Cooker

Miss Make: Kool-Aid Dyed Yarn Tutorial-looks super easy! Fabric Yarn

Dyeing yarn, in ziploc bags in the microwave.

DIY Ombre Dyed Yarn

How to Dye Yarn with Easter Egg Color

The Kool-Aid experiment – dying a gradient

Instructions for making space dyed wool roving in a crock pot.

How to Dye Yarn with Food Coloring (Plus other tips!)

Ombre Dyed Yarn DIY

Hand Dyeing yarn Spinning Wool, Spinning Wheels, Hand Spinning, Dyeing Yarn, Dyeing

How to Dye Yarn in a Crock Pot from Over the Moon Crochet Yarn, Knitting

Craft of the Dyer: Colour from Plants and Lichens by Karen Leigh Casselman. Pepper Hayes · Yarn Dyeing

Weaving with Gradient Yarn

Dyeing yarn - 3 shades for a variegated look. Dyeing Yarn, Rit Dye

Natural Dyes: Onion Skins - Crafty Katie * plain, with Alum mordant, &

premixed dye stock solutions, in three or four colours (ones that blend well together, not contrasting)

Where Birds Meet Yarn. European RobinDyeing ...

Save That Ugly Yarn, Overdye It - how to overdye yarn into a color you like

natural dye yarn

How to Dye Speckled Yarn

dyeing yarn in mason jars Fabric Yarn, How To Dye Fabric, Wool Yarn,

DK Weight. Laurel DK - Wonder Woman Sprinkle Dye

The easy way to custom dye your sock yarn! Use a handy-dandy yarn

The Best Free Crafts Articles: "Speckle" Dyeing A Yarn Skein of Yarn In

I sprayed this yarn with water after applying dye, How To Dye Fabric, Fabric

Easy instructions on how to dye natural fibers with food coloring in the microwave.

Knitty roving dye tutorial using an oven. Great way to maintain consistent temperature. | Hands/Willing~Dyeing | How to dye fabric, Natural dye fabric, ...

Kool aid yarn color chart - I really want to get that chocolate brown color to go with pink and aqua

Fine Merino Sliver - Embers Spinning, Fiber, Hand Spinning, Biking

how to hand-dye yarn with koolaid! Crochet Socks Pattern, Knit Crochet,

Tips on Dyeing Yarn Dyeing Yarn, Kool Aid, Hand Spinning, Hand Dyed Yarn

Explanation of how to create gradient dye stock.

Dragon's Flight - Yummy 2-Ply - Babette | Miss Babs Hand-Dyed Yarns

Gradient Yarn, Hand Dyed Yarn, Yarn, Fingering Weight Yarn by WendysWonders127 on Etsy

Artesano Hand Painted Alpaca Silk Lace Yarn Colour - Wavecrest - Cost £6.99 a hank

not natural dyes - Blue Formulas and Photos Wool Thread, Wool Yarn, Knitting Yarn

Dye a stained crocheted tablecloth: 1/2 bottle of pink and 1/2

Dye Day