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Here ya gooooooo someday Ill make unpjo related things I promise

Here ya gooooooo someday Ill make unpjo related things I promise



"You ...

The rivalry ends here. I love you, Wise Girl.


TRIALS OF APOLLO: The Dark Prophecy xD

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Does my; 26. cabin get what ...

An excerpt from one of my fan fictions, The Giant War. It's on if you want to read the whole thing.

Luke you promise Headcanon | Percy Jackson | Percy jackson, Percy jackson ships, Percy jackson fandom

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Can't wait for this series!

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The director of the Percy Jackson movies is retarded and he probably didnt even read the books. how do the Percy Jackson fans not go up to him and just go ...

Percy Jackson, you actually get jealous of olives?

3. She let you ...

Percy Jackson as an adult can be a marine biologist as a career and can beat Michael Phelps' record in the Olympics as a hobby.

Here you have your Ravenclaw, your Hufflepuff, your Gryffindor, and your Slytherin.

Of course its Percy—thats not even a question Percy Jackson Books, Percy Jackson

Annabeth would never defile an architecture as monumental as the Missouri Arch, she admired the

Yeah, who would put a son of Poseidon on an island? Percy Jackson Books

Top 25 Percy jackson Quotes

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Will can just be like "lol imma hurt you real bad but no prob dude i can just heal you" Not but for real I'm sure Nico would say both lines , ...

Don't Be Afraid Of Your Fate(Percy Jackson/Avengers Crossover) Book 2

I wrote a pantoum poem on Patrochilles!

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I promise the end is near! It will be up soon! In the meantime

The Mark of Athena I wonder if Rick Riordon just wakes up one morning thinking 'Let's see what happens if Percy and Annabeth falls into Tartarus' ?

You could bring a tinfoil master bolt.

I was just re-reading Percy Jackson and suddenly thought of this so here ya go

another time when Percy Jackson is better than Harry Potter Magnus Chase, Percy Jackson Tattoo

This is not Ok.------ I'll just be over here crying---I didn't need my sanity anyway

Page 1

I did and we are super close! Go, Percy Jackson fandom, go! Let us protest these sucktastic movies!





Yeah it would be and Grover would smirk #pjo #hoo #toa #percyjackson

The Seven in High School- Percy Jackson Fanfiction

Internet Friends (Percico)

Ifelt like Iwas moving; 7. through ...

||Percy Jackson|| I have so many old screenshots on my phone


Also by Rick Riordan Percy Jackson and the Olympians Book One: The Lightning Thief Book ...

... 17. way you ...

Contents Chapter One .

... 35. as ...


Broken Promises (A percico/pernico fanfic)

... 3. monsters ...


... 22. and ...

“You know what to do?

I don't know he's kinda awesome but this is something I'd probably say because he stopped making Percy Jackson books

... 12. disarm ...


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BOOKS BY RICK RIORDAN Percy Jackson and the Olympians Book One: The Lightning Thief Percy ...

You're Going to Die 2.


Still Into You - A Percy Jackson Fanfiction

Flash back Friday (actually a Wednesday but…) Credit: @nevillelongbottoms #percyjacksonandtheolympians

24. “The what?

Ohmygosh the shirt kills me😂 ~Tay {#percyjackson #percy #love #

“You know what would be ...

Here ya gooooooo (someday I'll make un-pjo related things, I

The Lightning Thief - Chapter 3

All the things you want to know about. Keeper of the Lost Cities:

But when you're king, you do what you have to do.

Awwwwww • So my friend did my nails like hers so now we both have tardis

Thalia Grace


... 20. combination ...

I love each and every one of these characters and I'm just happy that I got to be with them on their final battle ...

Percy Jackson 1 - The Lightning Thief

The Mountain Between Us (2017) - The Mountain Between Us (2017) - User Reviews - IMDb

Yeah, at least make it Mr. DefinitelyNotACentuar - - - - #pjo #

I wish I had this inborn talent for drawing like I do for writing…


The New Age: The Age of Legacies (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) [EDITING]

Percy Jackson just doesn't listen. Saw this before I read Son of Neptune and I didn't get it. Read Son of Neptune, thought of this, and died laghing


Here's mine. .

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Rick Riordan – [ Percy Jackson & the Olympians 03 ] The Titan's Curse - MAFIADOC.COM

I can't wait for you all to read this one, and I will make an effort to pop back in here every now and then before it launches.