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How to do Bas Ruttens escape from a guillotine choke YouTube

How to do Bas Ruttens escape from a guillotine choke YouTube


How To Do Bas Rutten's Escape From A Guillotine Choke

How To Perform Bas Rutten's Guillotine Choke

How To Bas Rutten's Escape From A Guillotine Choke

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Escaping the Head and Arm Guillotine

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How To Perform Bas Rutten's Escape From A Triangle Choke

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How to do Bas Ruttens escape from a guillotine choke - YouTube

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MDTA Defense Against a Front Guillotine Choke

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Jiu-Jitsu Choke - Guillotine Standing Variation with Ground Finishes

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Escaping the Guillotine Choke

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Reverse guillotine choke


Bas Rutten - How to do a Choke Technique (Part 1)

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Standing Guillotine Choke Defense (Buckle the Knee)

How To Avoid The Guillotine Choke On TakeDowns - ZombieProofBJJ (NoGi) - YouTube

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Guillotine Choke- Grappling

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Guillotine Choke

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Neck crank from the guillotine attempt

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How To Execute Bas Rutten's Exorcist Crank - YouTube

Generally, to escape a guillotine your feet and body need to move to the opposite side of your trapped head. What is amazing in this technique (photos nr ...