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I am a former brick and mortar teacher who went to online teaching

I am a former brick and mortar teacher who went to online teaching


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... the number of students registered in online courses grew to 5.8 million nationally. Online class growth has been consistent for the past 13 years, ...

Top 10 Things Virtual School Teachers Want You to Know

The fourth-grade teacher is currently working toward getting a degree online. | STEPHANIE HANAMURA

This Company Could Be Your Next Teacher: Coursera Plots A Massive Future For Online Education

VLACS physical education and wellness teacher Lisa Kent at home in Amherst, NH, looking over an online dashboard of her current students.

... traditional brick and mortar high school this year, it wasn't quite what he had expected. “I didn't like the schedule and didn't feel like teachers were ...

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Cindy Mi's online tutoring centre VIPKid has grown to more than 30,000 teachers and has more

The Constructivist ...

Cindy Mi

What's It Like to Teach Middle School Science Online?

At ...

Amelia Hempel, a student at North Carolina Connections Academy, works alongside her teacher while

Two years ago, Emily Duggan, 16, enrolled in the Virtual Learning Academy Charter School (VLACS) because the self-paced school left her time for her ...

American educator and entrepreneur Salman Khan pictured in 2013. Khan, a former hedge fund

Cash-Strapped Teachers Are Getting Up Early to Tutor Students in China

How One Educator Found Work-Life Balance By Teaching Online—From Her Living Room

Meng Jing

Online Learning And Teaching: Why Teachers Are Critical To Students' Success

Jazzy Teaching English with VIPKID

Lucy Kellaway in her London inner-city school

A Chinese girl taking an English lesson online with the firm VIPkid. Photo: Handout

A French junior high school student works at a computer terminal as part of the experimental

Is Brick & Mortar Education Going to be Left in the Dust by Online Learning & Flipped Classrooms?

Cha Kil-yong is a popular online math tutor in South Korea. Cha often dresses up for his program to engage students' attention. (Shin Woong-jae/for The ...

Blended/Online Learning - Final Reflection

Why do Many Choose Online Learning?


As students signed up, online school hired barely any teachers — but founder's company charged it millions

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“I love teaching at MICA because I am able to offer more one-on

Hybrid education: breath of the future, and death of teaching as we know it (opinion)

Chinese students learning about the weather in a school in Guangxi province. Online schools are

Bricks-and-mortar classroom James!

Inside VIPKID, Cindy Mi, and $3 billion startup's teacher community - Business Insider

Is this Dallas-area online-only school the next big trend in public education? | News | Dallas News

Emily Feistritzer said when she founded TEACH-NOW in 2011, she wanted to train

Allison Schnacky attends an online school at her Florida home.

Top 20 Colleges for a Cheap Master's Degree Online

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I have attended both online colleges and brick and mortar schools, and in retrospect, I believe online learning is more for the student who works well ...

Peter Struck, a professor at University of Pennsylvania, stands in front of a special-effects-ready green screen as he records a MOOC on Greek mythology.

"The benefit of teaching at an online school versus a bricks-and-mortar

The Internet has delivered an explosion of learning opportunities for today's students, creating an abundance of information, knowledge, and teachers as ...

Kyla Alders was raised in Nacogdoches, Texas. She attended a Private Classical Christian school through graduation in 2016. After high school, Kyla moved to ...

VIPKID is one of the largest online English tutoring companies in China, which is valued at more than $1.5 billion. It matches over 30,000 teachers in the ...

The ...

Video showing students' faces on Harvard Business School's online platform, HBX, can help weed out cheaters. Gretchen Ertl / AP. When I was ...

Philip Schmidt joined TEACH-NOW after helping Western Governors University grow its teacher preparation program


With reporting by Hannah Rounds and Brittney Laryea

Brianna Valencia

Oaks Christian Online | NCAA Accredited Online High School Courses - OC Online High School

Randomized trial compares hybrid learning to traditional course

hawo american academy

Building a Great School without Brick and Mortar

English teacher Bette Bramante at home in Durham, NH.

“I feel that at SCCA, I'm more available to my students than

Student Testimonials Page

Hardback $48.00

Online Schools Score Better on Wall Street Than in Classrooms - The New York Times

Why Online Education Will Surpass Traditional Face-to-Face Education in the Next 5-10 Years. Most online education ...

Alison Abourched

... one for teaching in the online world. Again, it shows that you put forth the effort, and with the right program, you will become a better teacher.

Image of Carolyn Fitzpatrick. Carolyn Fitzpatrick has been teaching online ...

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Education without Brick and Mortar: Stanford Online High School | eLearningInside News

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VIPKID Teacher Website

Diana Hembree

Guide to Online Middle School

Head of School Alison Mistretta

He is a former Pforzheimer Fellow in the School Leadership Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Epic Teacher Pay

Elementary school teachers now have access to a dizzying array of online teaching resources. With so many options at their disposal, how do today's ...

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Ms. Jaso. Teacher. Special Education

Before I had my first daughter, I thought I would end up back in a

Online Elementary School Overview

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An Entrepreneur Reaches for the 'Holy Grail' of Online Education

Online Teaching

The Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Designing and Teaching Online Courses: Joan Thormann, Isa Kaftal Zimmerman: 9780807753095: Books

“When I taught at a traditional bricks-and-mortar school, it was

The business did not go smoothly at the beginning. It's difficult to convince the efficiency of online teaching at first, as there are not many forerunners ...