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I got you buddy Voltron

I got you buddy Voltron


"I've got you buddy." - Lance and Keith - 3x06 /я уже пинила это когда-то, но эта гейская улыбочка до сих пор меня убивает/ | Voltron Trash | Klance, ...

Keith / Lance Voltron Ships, Voltron Klance, Form Voltron, Matt Holt, Keith

"Leave the math to Pidge" << Y'ALL! The

rimpetrikhor: “ ““I've got you, buddy…


SnowFinnch ⭐

//i apologize for the terrible writing, drawing's my thing, not words! just wanted to try to get out the story forming in my mind//

... Layout 1

I got you buddy

Venus in Converse on Twitter: "i got you buddy❤ 💙 digital #inktober day 16/17: #Klance #keithkogane #lancemcclain #voltron #vld #vldkeith #vldlance ...

I've Got You, Buddy (Shieth)

i'm so in love with you. - cc: relicxa ac: mOi · i got you buddy ...

I got you buddy

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I got you buddy

Voltron - Legendary Defender 2 Page 19

god tier klance (voltron's angels pt.2)

'Voltron' Season 2 Confirmed!

“ I got you buddy “ ❤ 💙 . . 📸~ @abracapeachy Lance

you know that i miss you. - cc: relicxa ac: mOi song:

@babybluelance. “i got you, buddy” ...

I got you buddy

i got you buddy ( @deniseditss )

I got you, buddy iPhone Case

cc: kogyama song: stuff we did - up

MSIAND_14 ❤ 💙 • • • • #voltron #vld #voltronlegendarydefender #keith


Figures and Speech: VOLTRON LEGENDARY DEFENDER by Playmates

"I got you, buddy"

I cried for 60% of the day yesterday ~{Credit: chibigaia-art on Tumblr}~ • • • • • • #voltron #voltronlegendarydefender #pidge #voltronpidge #pidgevoltron ...

Voltron - Klance - Quote Sticker

Klance Fluff & Mature (Plus General) Pictures and Comics - ❤️Part 10💙 - Wattpad


i know RITE · · · © in post tv show- voltron: legendary defender tags: #voltronlegendarydefender #voltronseason8 #voltronshiro #voltronallura #voltronlance ...

watch the world pass us by. - cc: relicxa song: the night is · do you think i ...

Voltron: Legendary Defender - Seasons 1 & 2


“I've got you, buddy!” Older Sheith art (between s1 and s2) but this is still my favourite of all the Keiths I've ever drawn.

I have to wake up at 3 in the morning for some band thing rrrripp me

"Voltron: Legendary Defender" Vol. 2 preview. "



Voltron Defender of the Universe

I got you, buddy ! 🚀 — Cosplayers : • @uttako_ (me) → Keith Kogane (Voltron) • @lance_mcgay._ → Lance McClain (Voltron) — Here's a new Klance photo taken ...

IM CRYING WHY DIDNT I CONNECT THIS. oh godohgodohgod . . . . . . . . # voltron #hunkgarrett #allura #coran #defendersoftheuniverse #redpaladin #bluepaladin ...

someone head butted me while i was leaving church and im just real shook like wtf

"I got you buddy" #lancemclain #lancecosplay#voltroncosplay#voltron#klangst

can't pull myself away. - cc: relicxa ac: kuteaudios song:

Year of the Robot, Part 2: The Golden Age for Transformers, GoBots, and Voltron

i got you, buddy



Image of [Pre-order REPRINT] Klance Sticker Sheet #2

Rover, Pidge's robot buddy from Voltron - lights up

Repeat • • #voltron #vld #voltronlegendarydefender #keith #lance #pidge #

(1/4) c @astrolatte on tumblr💛💛💛 i havent posted

I got you, buddy Spiral Notebook

This ◊. The way Ezor says she trusts Zethrid and then Zethrid saying "that's my girl".

that was so intense ! - cc: relicxa ac: mOi song: breathin -

I got you pidge 🌠 : : Credit:cherryandsisters : : Tags: #voltron

Okay, but this line is essential to their relationship and you can't

Voltron Legendary Defender S01E06 Hey Lance

When you accidentally catch feelings for your arch nemesis

“Our burnt bodies may finally get through to you. Your society turns out slaves and blank. No thanks! Signed the students of Westerberg High… goodbye!”

Voltron - Defender of the Universe - Collection Three

i got you til the end buddy #voltron #vld #klance

8:00 AM - 14 Aug 2018

An angry young man who hasn't had a family since he was a child, always felt out of place, and eternally searching for who he was.


Voltron Characters

Have you brought her gifts? 😤😤😤😤 __ #iamthemonsterchild #femalelotor #


Buddy I hate to break it to you but-”

Voltron Oneshots and Headcanons

Voltron Force Hero

When you and your fellow saiyan training buddy find your animated doppelgängers on Voltron: Legendary

Lauren Montgomery posted this drawing ...

The combined Voltron stands about 16 inches, but if you don;t necessarily want one that splits into lions, there's a 14-inch “Ultimate Voltron” for $39.99.

I Got You Buddy iPhone Case

This is a 'conspiracy theory' i saw on Tumblr (Aka i didn'

let us handle it. - cc: relicxa ac: mOi song: the way

Mf cutie | | | | #voltrontrash #voltron #

That's true love right there🙌🏼👏🏼 #Voltron #VLD #VoltronLegendaryDefender #


\"I got you buddy\" [email protected]

I really want an artist to draw a Big Time Rush Voltron AU. Credit: florideae on Tumblr. Please support their blog ☾ ⠀ #voltron #keithkogane #lancemcclain ...

I got you buddy keith and kuron, final battle voltron season 6

I'm sorry I was seeing this meme going around Twitter, it was like 3:00 am when I made this and this was the closest I could get to the Sheith quotes

I'm sure that I posted this already but I was to lazy to go and try to find something else so have this once again. • • #TakashiShirogane #Voltron #Allura

Voltron: The Legend Begins

Voltron vs

They weren't canon, but its okay. They will always be perfect to

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