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I made bread again but this time it was a little overproofed and

I made bread again but this time it was a little overproofed and


A little overproofed? What do you think?


I made bread again - but this time it was a little overproofed and cooked a

Is this overproofing? Or maybe underdeveloped gluten?

Overproof, poor shaping or poor cutting?

Overproofed Loaf Example

Postmortem: Overproofed or Underproofed

First Sourdough Success and the danger of overproofing

Is this what it looks like, and why?

Some doctoring please. Bad shaping? Under/Over proofed?

help for overproofed loaves?

My loaf was overproofed?

Over-proofed dough via @kingarthurflour

Flavour is lovely, couldn't resist some for lunch yesterday before it was sliced and frozen. So perhaps a little more open with the YW, not sure, but it is ...

My loaf was overproofed?

I wasn't happy with the rise I got the last time I did this. Thinking back on it, I think the loaves were already over proofed when I put them into the ...


... knowing when the dough has reached its maximum expansion, is one of the more challenging things bakers have to learn to do. It takes practice and ...

Today I made two loaves – a Nutella loaf (an experiment for my son – not my idea, honest!) and an ordinary tin loaf. I made a single batch of dough and ...

sourdough bread: a beginner's guide |

A friend of ours has been experiencing something strange with her loaves of bread recently. She follows the recipe and everything seems fine, but when she ...

And this is probably the most open and evenly distributed crumb I've ever gotten. Not so good for sandwiches but I think it was be delicious for dipping in ...

Why did my sourdough breads not get much oven spring?


But it isn't a brick! The flavor is very good and the crumb is nice and soft. I think I overproofed by about 2 hours, but may have the other elements right.

Over proofed my bread again. Why do I do it?

Over-proofed dough via @kingarthurflour

Over-proofing, under-proofing sourdough or just bad shaping...what does it look like?

Breadmaking 101: All About Proofing and Fermentation


[bread ]


Overproofed. I baked ...


Over-proofed dough via @kingarthurflour

I am presently struggling to re-learn video editing and YouTube. Once I get this figured out I will post the accompanying finger poke video for each of the ...

The picture perfect loaf. After a couple of disappointments ie, full on overproof last week and slightly entering the overproof zone yesterday, I figure ...

The only other variable I can think of between the past 2-3 weeks and before, other than the acidity of my starter, is that I am now using King Arthur ...


I first assumed that I have been overproofing, but I baked my most recent batch and made sure to bake almost 2 hours before the scheduled baking time and ...

by: ...


I am not too happy with my scoring on this one, I think I overproofed a bit. Again the recipe says to proof for 50 to 60 minutes, I did 45, ...

Demo of bread proving...under-proofed, just right and over-proofed.

Steam in Bread Baking via @kingarthurflour

I sort of knew it was happening; I could have put it in the refrigerator to stall the proof a bit, but there was no room. So I hoped.



I think I may have overproofed, before baking the dough was very soft and there were some large bubbles at the surface, I also think that some of the large ...

My Best Sourdough Recipe

{and what you can do to fix

Overproofed and overbaked a bit, but still delicious. 2:1 flour to butter ratio.

Bread scoring with confidence

On Crust Formation, Caramel, and Maillard Reactions

The Science of Baking Bread (And How to Do it Right)

I took the second loaf out of the freezer after about a week. At 9:00 pm I placed the dough on my counter to proof overnight. It was 75F in my house.

Eugenia on Twitter: "This one over proofed a bit, but was still delicious. Overnight 40% whole wheat bread from Flour Water Salt Yeast by @KenForkish.… ...

The Best Bread Machine

Steam in bread baking via @kingarthurflour

Photo by jeffreyw on Flickr.

I have baked regular bread for years but this sourdough is like I am starting all over again but in my opinion 275 C is awful hot for bread even sourdough.


I forgot the #dough for this one on the counter over night. I realized when I woke up so I stuck it in the fridge before work today. I baked it when ...

So TLDR: Is this overfermented and/or overproofed? Was the gluten not developed enough (that could explain the sticky/slackness)? Still searching for the ...

From what I have learned so far, I believe it is over proofing. But why does this happen? Any scientific knowledge out there?


Steam in bread baking-17

So, you want to bake einkorn sourdough bread but you don't think you have the time? With teenage children, a business to run, and an endless amount of ...

The dough was shaped (semi aggressive) without any concern of producing an open crumb. The goal of these test were to determine the optimum time for final ...

Still puzzled why so much salt is disappearing during #fermentation. This wheat, rye

A laywoman's solution to Tartine's highly hydrated dough. Yesterday I decided to make bread ...


A little bit overproofed but sometimes you have to show some failure for others to learn. #sourdough #bread #fermentated #scheduleproblems # overproofed ...

So this is what it looks like having been over proofed. Total proof time was about 9-10hours. On the flip side, it should make one of the softest breads ...

Einkorn Sourdough Bread

I also have a sectioned loaf shot for each of the breads and can provide them if requested. Below is one example.

Underproofed bread

The Crumb: Around the upper right of the loaf, we see a nice open crumb, the sort that shows it was fully aerated before baking. But then running vertically ...

Most Recent Attempt

Brioche Loaf

These are just a few things that I learned during this bread making endeavor. I am here and happy to help you if you have any questions. I'm not an expert, ...

A bit over-proofed but it's been hot here. #homemadebread #bread #homemade #foodporn #recipes #desserts #chocolatebread #breakfast #Nestle

Steam in bread baking via @kingarthurflour

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The Autopsy

Steam in bread baking via @kingarthurflour

Scoring bread dough: implements and techniques

I made these buns with the sponge and dough method again but this time, it didn't feel as successful as the other time. The songe portion felt like it ...

6 Common Bagel-Making Problems and How to Fix Them


First time attempting #keto #wheatbread. Found the #recipe online reading through forums. This legit looks and tastes like real #bread 🤤 I # overproofed my ...

Over-proofed dough via @kingarthurflour


Brioche Bread Loaf

First Attempt

Over-proofed dough via @kingarthurflour