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I want at at one of those credit scenes Super duper t


Deadpool 2 after credits scene: How many post credit scenes in Deadpool 2? | Films | Entertainment |

How the Deadpool 2 Post Credits Scene Ended Up Fixing This Terrible X-Men Movie

'One day your old pal Wade's gonna ask you to get back in the saddle again'

WARNING: The following interview contains all spoilers for Deadpool 2. Seriously, there is nothing in this interview that isn't a massive spoiler.

Deadpool 2 was bound to be flying a little close to the sun when it comes to matters of taste. Dick jokes, gratuitous nudity and OTT violence are all fair ...

Deadpool 2 END CREDITS SCENES Explained! (Post Credits Scene)

Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) wears head gear that smells like Patrick Stewart in "

When Wade says he's happy David Bowie is alive, Dopinder almost spoils that particular celebrity death for him, before being waved off by Weasel.

The movie ended on a very high note, and then the Post Credits scene gave us the complete Deadpool feel that no one actually expected.

There is also an additional joke when Deadpool gets mad at the lack of X-Men cameos. "You'd think the studio would throw us a bone--one that doesn' t end up ...

Opening Credits Sequence

While the theatrical cut shows flashbacks to Russell being tortured at the mutant school, that scene plays out in its entirety in this version of the film.

Deadpool 2 extended version on DVD and Blu-ray extra deleted scenes

After going back in time and saving the day without dying, Deadpool says goodbye to Negasonic. In a rare moment of appreciation, she replies, ...

Deadpool 2 after credits scene: Cable

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The scene in which Wade is shown to his cell in the Ice Box is extended, giving the Merc plenty of time to joke about his new home. "I see myself as ...

Deadpool 2's post-credits scene could introduce a trio of mutants and set up an X-Force movie | GamesRadar+

Cable's arrival in the current year is moved up quite a bit in the film, and that scene plays much longer as the two rednecks--played by Matt Damon and Alan ...

You remember that spoiler warning, right? Okay, just wanna make sure, because this is a big one. In the middle of the movie as Rocket, Baby Groot, ...

Deadpool 2 end credits scene: How 'best end credits scene' came about | Films | Entertainment |

Sharp Objects' shocking credits scenes — and what they reveal about the killer — explained

Deadpool franchise brought alive in 2016 as Ryan Reynolds decided to give a serious shot at playing the iconic character after failing miserably in X-Men: ...

What will likely go down as one of the more memorable post-credits scenes, Cable's time-machine gadget is fixed and Deadpool uses it to go back in time to ...

Deadpool 2 post credits: Does Deadpool 2 have end credits?

KYLE is an absolute ray of sunshine

Deadpool 2

I wanna get back to a little bit of that, but jumping ahead to the super duper spoilers. As much as I like the movie, the end credits scene, ...

Between this scene and the OG Guardians scene, it's hard to say which is the bigger, more exciting reveal — that said, this is tremendously exciting.

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Deadpool 2 digital and blu-ray release date info

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Deadpool 2 embraces the Marvel trope of the post-credits scene in the best way possible, by giving us a total of five with the theatrical release and seven ...

... you might have assumed it would be impossible to somehow load in more dirty jokes or gratuitous violence. How wrong you were, though. While the film is ...

There were no big announcements made but 15 minutes added footage was played as part of Deadpool: The Super Duper Cut including the altered post- credits ...

Opening Credits Sequence

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Deadpool 2: Extended Cut Review (The Super Duper Cut 4k)

Deadpool 2 (18 May, 2018)

The mid-credits scene

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There's one cameo in Deadpool 2 that is so well hidden, this writer had no idea it existed until Reese and Wernick brought it up during the conversation.

And then there was the baby Hitler joke that was a little too dark to stay in the movie.

He actually went to an alternate Universe and an alternate reality altogether. Because it is Deadpool, we should not try to make any sense out of it, ...

Ryan Reynolds Teases Deadpool 2 'Super Duper Thunder F-ck' Edition

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Reynolds Deadpool Response Disney Buying Fox

Created with Sketch. A complete list of every Marvel movie coming out

Deadpool 2 Director Interview - David Leitch Hopes Someday You'll See the Scene About Killing Baby Hitler

Deadpool 2 Deleted and Extended Scenes Breakdown

Though none of the sequels and prequels managed to live up to that one scene, the Exorcist franchise panning 5 of the creepiest horror movies is a ...

After killing the Deadpool from X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the Merc had a lot more to say to Logan in the new cut. "Look, eventually you're going to hang up ...

Ant-Man and the Wasp

150 "What's wrong with this picture?" scenes (Super Duper series workbook): M. Thomas Webber: 9781586500351: Books

Deadpool 2 after credits scene: Ryan Reynolds

5 Characters We Want To See In 'Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 3' - Marvel News Desk Watch Deadpool 2 Plus Super Duper Cut (Unrated) | Prime Video

Aquaman trailer debuts at San Diego Comic-Con - watch. The Super Duper ...

After Party premiere

We're tracking down every single Marvel Universe and X-Men reference in Deadpool 2. Please help. For the love of God, help.

... the Ice Box detention facility, Deadpool had some unkind words for the location. "That place makes Hitler's anus look like Waikiki," he jokes. As we'll ...

However, during the credits we see an older Groot, this time as a teenager, staying in “his room” and playing video games. His room is a mess, ... The Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume One: Kellan Lutz, Daniel MacPherson, Luke Ford, Isabel Lucas: Amazon Digital Services LLC

When Wade is reunited with Vanessa after his death, the cover of A-Ha's Take Me On isn't used. Instead, the song Ashes, which Celine Dion recorded for the ...

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At the very beginning of the movie, we see an adorable tiny music box crafted to pay homage to Wolverine's death scene in the movie Logan.

The first change comes when Deadpool faces off with the Chinese gangsters at the beginning of the film. Upon crashing through a window, he apologizes and ...

Ant-Man and the Wasp (6 July, 2018)

Once at the mansion, it's revealed that the X-Men are still using the velcro labeling system he implemented in an earlier deleted scene.

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Say anything about you want about their relationship, but you can't talk about Deadpool without mentioning Wolverine. And it just so happens that you can ...

At one point Deadpool is brought into the X-mansion as an X-Men trainee. When he's roaming the halls looking for all the other X-Men, an open door reveals ...


'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom': Bryce Dallas Howard and JA Bayona on Film's Most Dangerous Scene

It's not as though Deadpool's connection to the X-Men movie universe is a secret… it's just a thing that the serious X-Men films don't exactly like to ...

Opening Credits Sequence

Deadpool 2

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The Deadpool 2 End Credit Scenes: What Happens, And What They Mean - CINEMABLEND

Thor: Ragnarok (With Bonus Content)

Marvel Universe Loki Tom Hiddleston Scarlett Witch Elizabeth Olsen

Deadpool 2: Super Duper Cut + Kinofassung / Mediabook

The Watchers

Deadpool 2: Super Duper Cut + Kinofassung / Steelbook: Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, Fabian Nicieza, Ryan Reynolds, Rob Liefeld, Morena Baccarin, ...


After being pumped full of lead by the gangsters in the theatrical version, he quickly jumps up to fight back. In the extended cut, though, he plays dead ...

Deadpool 2 is unique in that it plays with the idea of a villain throughout. Early on it's the thug who shoots Vanessa, and then it becomes Josh Brolin's ...