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Iaritza Menjivar Identity t Identity

Iaritza Menjivar Identity t Identity


01_© Iaritza Menjivar

14_© Iaritza Menjivar

03_© Iaritza Menjivar

Another late evening in the Menjivar household after a 12-hour shift at the factory

Iaritza Menjivar_03.JPG

13_© Iaritza Menjivar

15_© Iaritza Menjivar

In my cousin Arileni's household live both her parents and our Aunt Frany. Arileni,

02_© Iaritza Menjivar

As I took this photograph, I remembered a story my mother once shared: “

09_© Iaritza Menjivar

08_© Iaritza Menjivar

06_© Iaritza Menjivar

05_© Iaritza Menjivar

12_© Iaritza Menjivar

Dawoud Bey

Emile Askey

Bring Photography to Life! 2017-2018 Annual Appeal Fund

Artist's collage of immigration documentation

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My niece, Rubi Sepulveda, 4, wears a large puffy dress and is posed

Iaritza Menjivar earned her BFA in Photography at Lesley University College of Art and Design. She works as the assistant to the director of the Griffin ...

My grandmother, Rosario Hernandez, prays before breakfast at IHop. "Gracias, papa

Identity · Frances F. Denny

99+ Urban Lifestyle Photography Pose & Fashion Ideas

Christy Havranek - HuffPost

Identity · Harry Flook

Larry Volk is an artist, educator, lecturer and author. He received his MFA in Photography from the Rhode Island School of Design.

My father's sister, Frany Menjivar, chose to immigrate to the United States and never




jt_23_theskinimin-700 ar_01_theskinimin-700

Barbara Kyne, December, 2017

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My grandmother Nora's ritual is to read her Catholic magazines that she brings from her hometown

Barbara Kyne, December, 2017

Barbara Kyne, December, 2017

Davis Orton Gallery Exhibitors, 2016

EA Winner:Whitney Scharer


... Institute of Technology will be hold four workshops in 2018 to teach the tools and skills necessary for successful photographic process identification.

My grandfather, Armando Menjivar, 81, took frequent trips to the beach while visiting

Identity · Zora Murff

An exhibition curated by Paula Tognarelli and Iaritza Menjivar as part of the 22nd Juried Instagram Exhibition at The Griffin Museum of Photography.

At the corner of Shawmut and W. Concord

Edwige Charlot

Jennifer Murray Jennifer Murray is a Chicago-based artist, curator, and educator with more than fifteen years experience as an arts administrator.


Image by Thomas Alleman, Critical Mass 2015 Top 50. "




We can't either! We are busy over here getting some fantastic events lined up for Portland Photo ...

Flash Forward Festival

An exhibition of work investigating the search for, or the making of, identity that draws upon ...

Jamie M. Allen

Fern T. Apfel, Word and Image

Jen Ashe

Sam Okerstrom-Lang

Portland Photo Month Event!


Kent Krugh

Daniel Chong speaks with passers by

Machelle Baccus from Cowboys of Color by Don Russell

... are transferred onto vintage handkerchiefs, exploring themes of femininity, oppression, and the construction of female identity. Read more.

EA Winner: Stephanie Soileau

The series thus explores how women, both then and now, construct their identities and find strength in one another. Read more.

Traveling between locations


John-David Richardson

Moldova: Caught in a dangerous tug of war


Barbara Kyne, December, 2017

America's Moving Adventure

Critical Mass 2018 Wrap-Up!

Doug Menuez, photographer and author of Fearless Genius, The Digital Revolution in Silicon Valley


Setting up outside Club Passim, Cambridge

At the corner of Shawmut and W. Concord

Shannon Johnstone


The Book of Hurt n Healing by Smith Eliot

Cordelia Tapping

Tea For Two 24 by Patricia Lay-Dorsey

Fatemeh Baigmoradi

The Secret Garden of Lily LaPalma: The Sacred Heart, 2017 “

Outside Club Passim

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EA Winner: Kimberly Elkins

사울 레이터(Saul Leiter) : 네이버 블로그

... railway running directly to Montevideo. Now it is a town of 200 residents, abandoned properties are being quietly restored, and Garzon is fast becoming ...

The Epiphany School

Barbara Kyne, December, 2017

Photo of fashion model Shalom Harlow - ID 46071 | Models | The FMD

M. Apparition