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If Sears survives this is what it will look like CNN If Sears

If Sears survives this is what it will look like CNN If Sears


Crunch time for Sears: More store closings and a last-minute bid to save company - CNN

(CNN Spanish) – Even if Sears survives the bankruptcy, there will be a broad strip of the United States that no longer has stores.

Sears creditors say chairman's 'misconduct' to blame for the company's woes - CNN

Will the 2018 Holiday Season Help Sears Survive Bankruptcy?

If Sears survives, this is what it will look like

Decades of bad decisions doomed Sears

CHICAGO, IL - MAY 03: Signs advertise the closing of a Sears store on

Lampert has until this Friday to make the offer official. If it does not, and if other bidders do not emerge, Sears will have to make a critical decision.

Sears may survive if Chairman Eddie Lampert can deposit $120 million into the Sears Bankruptcy account. Eddie has seven days to come up with the money ...

Costco is succeeding despite retail woes

The retailer announced on Tuesday that it planned to "accelerate" the closing of at least 50 "unprofitable stores." Sears, which also owns Kmart, ...

Sears Files For Bankruptcy, 9 More NY Stores to Close: See Where

Lowe's is closing 47 stores

The bankruptcy of Sears, following the collapse of Toys 'R' Us and Brookstone

A Sears store in 1940.

Readers react: Can Sears and other department stores survive? - The Morning Call

Sears store in Jackson, Mississippi, 1949.

Sears: The Rise And Fall Of The Massive U.S. Retailer | CNBC

Here's a snapshot of the markets at the close:

Is 2018 the end of the road for Sears or Toys R Us?

FILE- In this March 28, 2018, file photo, a man walks in

Sears Kmart 0436

As chief executive, main shareholder, major lender and even landlord of some of its real estate, Eddie Lampert sits at the top of the pile

Retailers in the age of Amazon: Adapt or die

Sears' slow death is a gift to Walmart and Home Depot

friday dec 28 market aircheck_00011722

Why does Eddie Lampert want to keep Sears alive?

One of the original Kresge's 5-and-dime, the

This company is reinventing shaving for people of color

CHICAGO, IL - AUGUST 15: The Walmart logo is displayed on a shopping cart

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Kmart store closings have left the company a small fraction of its former size.

As Sears Plunges Toward Chapter 11, Lampert Stands To Win, Whatever Happens

Sears is in risk of closing all stores for good. Sears, in bankruptcy, faces a December 28 deadline with the courts for bids on purchasing its assets.

Sears survives a near-death experience, but for how long?

Sears store closing

Beauty department of a sears store, 1955.

You won't be hearing this iconic jingle anymore

CEO of nursing facility where vegetative woman gave birth resigns

For consumers, the deal means being able to get appliances and other hard goods at Kmart and more clothing at Sears -- and could mean lower prices as the ...

How Sears wasted $6 billion that could have kept it out of bankruptcy

1 of 3. Sears Closing

Kmart didn't merge with Sears until 2005. Getty Images

Dr. Bob Sears

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