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Japan is one of the biggest consumers of strawberries in the world

Japan is one of the biggest consumers of strawberries in the world


Japan's White Strawberry: Luxury Fruit Unboxing & Adventure ☆ ONLY in JAPAN - YouTube

Japan's luxury fruit obsession | CNN Travel

Soft fruit accounts for 21 percent of all fruit consumption, which is a higher share than that of apples and bananas. The segment has grown by 132 percent ...

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The biggest challenge for the growers is finding labourers. It is difficult to find sufficient pickers, so not all the fruit can be harvested.

Amao brand strawberries | KYODO

Close up of beautiful ripe red strawberries.

At Utsuomiya University in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan's leading producer of strawberries, a harvesting robot is being developed to pick and package ...

Japan's luxury fruit obsession | CNN Travel

A needle next to strawberries

Strawberries Top the 'Dirty Dozen' List of Fruits and Vegetables With the Most Pesticides

Japan is one of the biggest consumers of strawberries in the world. But probably the

Strawberries Arnaud

A salesperson at Takano Co., a fruit retailer in Tokyo's Shinjuku district, displays

Tochigi's Strawberries: Red Jewels for the Crown of Japanese Agriculture |

When Dole Japan announced it would be sell its Gokusen banana for $6 each for one day only (May 9) at the Takashimaya Department Store in Shinjuku, ...

... a comparison 316 121 100 300; 8.

Tochiotome strawberries.

... Fruit Expenditure on Meat; 13.



A strawberry farm in Tochigi Prefecture, north of Tokyo, has shipped out this year's first load of the fruit bound for the United States.

You can now forget about consuming sour strawberries from Cameron Highlands ever again. The expert agronomists at CAI have virtually perfected the use of ...

The Farm of the Future Will Grow Plants Vertically and Hydroponically

Kylie Knott

One of Japan's biggest food trends right now is Bulgarian yoghurt. City foodsters/Kakigōri Kanna/Flickr, CC BY-ND

"We are also working with other countries with plenty of potential, such as Colombia, which also need a very large investment in logistics.

The total market size for organic packaged food and beverages in Japan in 2017 is US$597.4mn, making it the 13th largest market in the world by value.

Right image 1.

Forget Korea, the sweetest strawberries are now grown in Malaysia with help from Japan, Food News - AsiaOne

[Three strawberries]

Based on the government's estimate and conversion rates of processed fruits into fresh fruits, Japan's total fruit demand is estimated to be at 7,746,000 MT ...

Queen Strawberry growing on vine

Watsonville, California-based Driscoll's, estimated to be the world's largest berry distributor,

Strawberries from Miyagi, Japan

Japan to try exporting more quick-to-spoil produce by sea

KitKat Japan has launched a limited edition assortment which consists of 35 different KitKat flavours to


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Where: Japan

Strawberry Festivals in 2019

Where: Japan

10 Japanese Christmas Cakes—By Price!

Nay Lin Tun (left) and his wife sort strawberries in Pyin Oo Lwin, central Myanmar, on April 6 before shipping them by refrigerated trucks to the commercial ...

A man holds a needle found in a punnet of strawberries

Growers vie to produce Japan's tastiest, best-looking strawberry | The Japan Times

Japanese Strawberry Kit Kat bar

Australia's strawberry 'terrorism' spurs proposal for 15-year jail term | South China Morning Post

Strawberries from a U-pick farm. (Photo from Flickr by Perry)

Fruit desserts and salad featuring strawberries at the Shinjuku Takano fruit shop in Tokyo.

... of strawberries on average per year, a Canadian 3.4 and a Mexican 2.5 kilograms, according to Dan Legard of the California Strawberry Commission during ...

'Made in Japan' fruits find a sweet spot in Asia

6 Strawberry Production ...

World's 10 Most Expensive Fruits


Driscoll's Unveils the Top 10 Berry-Loving Markets in America | Business Wire

UNH scientists unravel genetic ancestry of cultivated strawberry

It's a cake in a can! Shake and drink liquid strawberry shortcake now available in Japan | SoraNews24

Top Yield in Japan for 48 Straight Years

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"Logistical issues are also a problem, as the roads and the authorities need to prepare for a production model oriented to the export of 'sensitive' fruits.

Tochiotome (left) and Benihoppe (center) on display at the Takano fruit store in Tokyo. “Japanese strawberries are among ...

Kylie Knott

Mexico: rising exports of berries

Organic strawberry farmer Walaiporn Phumirat observed that youngsters find it trendy to eat organic food.

... vegetables volume; 15.

DyDo Drinco apparently created the drink as a way for consumers to relax and relieve stress, as people seem to be increasingly turning to tasty drinks as a ...

Japan's farm exports hit record high for fifth straight year | The Japan Times

Fake ...

The new Japanese Cherry Blossom range is the very latest among an extensive and diverse range of bath and body products, fragrances, hair care, skin care, ...

Plump, pretty strawberries sway me to their side every time. Japan, my home country, is the world's biggest consumer of dessert strawberries.

Strawberries on wood

Premium Jam (sold throughout the year)


Japan eyes Australia as new market for its strawberries

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This could be a thing of the past. © iStock

Square, pyramid and heart-shaped watermelons like these can sell for upwards of $100

Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz)

TVSF hopes to sell its entire crop through its U-Pick promotion, which would have local strawberry lovers take advantage of the site's denser, ...

China is currently the world's biggest ice cream market, with sales estimated at 4.3 billion liters in 2016, followed by the US (2.7 billion liters) and ...

Since the introduction of Delizz, two years ago, ABZ Seeds received requests from various countries. "Within Europe mainly Belgium, The Netherlands, ...

This story was produced by the independent, nonprofit Center for Investigative Reporting, the country's largest investigative reporting team.

What's Up with KitKat in Japan? WORLD

Sales of classic SW19 goodies are enjoying a surge in global popularity, according to official

You can now forget about consuming sour strawberries from Cameron Highlands ever again. The expert agronomists at CAI have virtually perfected the use of ...

The inspiration for the brand came after dozens of people contracted Hepatitis A from eating contaminated frozen mixed berries, which were imported, ...

Made-in Japan cake exports satisfy Southeast Asia's sweet tooth