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Little ones will master their Long Vowel sounds quickly with these

Little ones will master their Long Vowel sounds quickly with these


Little ones will master their Long Vowel sounds quickly with these fun flashcards! ::

Long and Short Vowel Sounds Poster. This is the best, most simple visual to convey the idea that every vowel has two common sounds.

Let's Dive in a Little Deeper. The chart below illustrates the most common ways to spell the long vowel sounds.

Teach long vowel sounds with this set of 26 free games! Such a great addition to your other long vowel activities.

FREE Vowel Sounds Cheat Sheet. Helpful to refer to when teaching kids the sounds vowels make in words.

Great+practice+for+identifying+short+and+long+vowel+sounds +in+words.++Students+read+each+word+and+cut/sort/glue+it+into+the +correct+category.

Sometimes children will hear a VOWEL SOUND but aren't always sure which LETTER COMBINATION to use. This will help!

Short I Worksheets | Vowel Sounds - Short and Long Vowel Sound Worksheets | phonetics | Vowel sounds, Short vowels, Phonics

Long a Vowel Pack | Best of This Reading Mama | Phonics, Phonics activities, Long vowels

Long vowel sounds | Educate. Try not to hate. Love your mate. | Vowel sounds, Long vowels, Phonics

Looking for free long vowel printables? Get this set of 11 word family mats and

Grab these free long vowel writing activities to get in some quick writing practice!

Posters (available in two different fonts) that contain a short rhyme and small word lists to help pupils remember their long vowel sounds. also includes ...

Here is a list of words with the long e sound that kids can play games with. This document includes words with the "-ee," "-e_e," "-e," and "-ea" spelling ...

long a words worksheets | Long a vowel sound worksheet - Free ESL printable worksheets made by .

Short Vowel Sounds: Game and Learning Video...maybe use a real rubber

Long Vowel Sounds Listening Activities Pack - FREE - This Reading Mama Little Learner Packets: Phonics: 10 Playful Units That Teach Short- & Long-Vowel Sounds (9781338228281): Violet Findley: Books

This short and long vowel activity is perfect for helping kids learn and distinguish different vowel sounds!

Students will cut out pictures and sort them by short or long vowel sounds. Vowels a, e, i, o, and u are included. One page per vowel.

Tips for Teaching Vowel Sounds - This Reading Mama

Long A Vowel Scramble- Unscramble the letters to form a word that has the long a sound. These activities could be used for homework, a dai…

Long Vowel Spin and Spell - a Long Vowel Spelling Game - This Reading Mama

Jobs of the Silent E Chart

Long Vowels-Silent-e – Kindergarten Reading Lesson Plans on Vowel Sounds #JumpStart

A-maze-ing sentences are the best for challenging your high students or fast

Long I Sentences *FREEBIE*

... Long Vowel Sounds A - Writing Task Cards

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Worksheets that have illustrations too: Choosing some vowel worksheets that come with illustrations too are ideal to teach your little one vowel sounds more ...

Vowel Digraphs: Definition & Examples

How to teach reading with phonics - 1/12 - The Alphabet & Letter Sounds - Learn English Phonics! - YouTube

Tips for Teaching Letters and Letters Sounds - This Reading Mama

Vowels A and I walking on a bridge

Sort these long and short vowels, and practice reading, too with this free activity

Teaching Short & Long Vowel Sounds - Video & Lesson Transcript |

Sounding it out is just one part of reading. Check out these five things kids

Alphabet Teaching Cards include basic vowel and consonant sounds ...

Love these pages for scaffolded writing practice where students pick a word with the focus phonics

Correcting the R Sound: A Primer for Parents

You can differentiate the activity by deciding which vowels to work with, how many vowels and by either providing just the vowel sound or a CVC word.

Right-Brained Alphabet

After so much positive feedback about my original All-in-One Reading Passages Bundle, I've finally decided to make a second set! I started with the long ...


(OR just let them look at the page!) These squares show your little one a example of the short vowel sound!

Silent E: Teaching Kids the Whole Truth - All About Reading


Do you know the difference between continuous and stop sounds? What about those tricky sounds

12 ...

Learn the six types of syllables found in English orthography, why it's important to teach syllables, and the sequence in which students learn about both ...

Long Vowels Word List FREEBIE Long Vowels Word List FREEBIE

When 2 Vowels Go Walking | Phonics Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann The Berenstain Bears Phonics Fun (My First I Can Read) (9780062223463): Jan Berenstain, Mike Berenstain: Books

table how to teach vowel teams A vowel table will help children identify the ...

Segmenting: A Critical Skill for Spelling from All About Spelling

How to Teach the F Sound and V Sounds

Now I Can Read! Long Vowel Sounds: 5 Short & Silly Stories for Early

Elkonin boxes can be used to teach vowel spelling patterns and show students that more than

Looking for free long vowel printables? Get this set of 11 word family mats and

If you're having trouble telling where your tongue is, just reach into your mouth with a (clean) finger and feel it as you make the sound.

The Process of Articulation Therapy

teaching vowels. It is indeed a great pleasure to hear your little ...


How to Master the Silent E/Sneaky E Phonics Rule

... long a sound is at the end of a word.) Racetrack gameboard Word Race

Anyone who has ever had to memorize a tough-to-spell English word (It's fuchsia, right? Or is it fuschia? Fushia?) has noticed that the spelling of some ...

Here's another maze.

... Clip It! - Long Vowel Sounds {FREE}

Unit 4 Parent Letter ...

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First Grade Reading & Writing Activities: Play Letter-Sound Hopscotch!

Video Illustrating All the Sounds

Child spelling the word 'rock' with letter tiles

french vowels

Long vowel stories allow kids to develop more word analysis skills, since they have to discern whether the vowel is long or short.

Child1st Sound Spelling Teaching Cards example

Since I'll be giving you some reading passages for free at the bottom of this post, I wanted to take the time to show you how I use these reading passages ...

Music is a powerful methodology for everyday life. Certain songs incite memories, emotions, and spiritual balance. It can also be one of the most beneficial ...

How to Teach Vowel Sounds

The Danish language's irritable vowel syndrome

Conclusion: Remember that spelling can help you predict the correct vowel sound in a word

Sale ...

American English Vowels - Short And Long

57. Conclusion: 1. Remember that spelling can help you predict the correct vowel sound ...

FREE Games for Blends and Digraphs This Reading Mama

Old MacDonald Had Some Vowels | AEIOU | Vowels | Phonics | The Kiboomers

Phonics Vowels - Short Vowels, Long Vowels, Two Vowels 4+

Pinkalicious Phonics Box Set (My First I Can Read)

10 Phonics Readers for Early Reading - guest post of Wildflower Ramblings on This Reading Mama