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Maxine knows hahahaha Funnies t

Maxine knows hahahaha Funnies t


The boss always knows!

Maxine knows you have a big problem!

"If you're happy and you know it, thank your meds" -kno a few people that wud like themselves far better if they were medicated. click for more Haha Funny ...

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Maybe people who say money can't buy happiness don't know where to buy donuts.

that maxine is a hoot and a half,,, isn't she ???? lol always good for a LAUGH or two ,,,oooooooooo ;o )

I don't know if it is still Take your daughter to work , or take your kids to work but I came across a Maxine cartoon and it just tickled m.

Maxine knows where to find a competent pit crew? HAHA!! Good one!!

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Leaping the Chasm | For women of an assured age. #leapingthechasm #letsstarttalking

Maxine: You know you're getting old when you have to wear your glasses in the shower to shave your legs.

Maxine Cartoons About Aging | Maxine Age Quotes

Maxine comic 2013-09-06

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My dog doesn't bite. He leaves that up to me. Aunty Acid

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Maxine is the funniest lady around and always ready to spread her fun crazy oulook on situations. Here is a roundup of some of the funniest Christmas Maxine ...

The day doesn't start til 10, don't ya know! Aunty

I heard that Maxine, there's plenty of them. They don't call it

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Maxine has the flu Funny Laugh, Just For Laughs, Funny Cute, The Funny

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you know youre getting old when life quotes funny quotes quote life funny quote maxine getting old

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Warm pool water haha

The gym is still crowded in February. So I hear. Family Humor, Haha

I liked Maxine the first time I met her and the more I got to know her the more I liked her. You just gotta love Maxine, The Crabby Lady.

Maxine wants you to have a good trip.

Maxine Funny Quotes | crabby road maxine enjoy these great maxine quotes about work a .

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Hahahaha Love Maxine ❤ Family Reunions, Family Reunion Quotes, Family Humor, Funny Sayings

Maxine Comics Humor Jokes | Economic Humor, Courtesy Of Maxine… Thanksgiving Humor, Haha

Any Container Is A Single Serve If You Eat It In One Sitting-- Lol

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Maxine on cell phone plans~HA!

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Maxine -- Sorry if anyone is offended but this is funny

Maxine: I didn't get this body from just lying around, you know. I also eat a lot of chips.

*Hahaha (Maxine on last minute Christmas shopping)

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Dont give a Krappa lol I Love To Laugh, Make Me Smile, Haha Funny

It is less crowded that way too !!! Funny Sayings, Humorous Quotes,

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Couldn't resist Maxine on this..:) ✿ڿڰۣ ♥ NYrockphotogirl ♥

Maxine ****


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Haha FYI your son looks like the sloth from the goonies. Haha J and M

Like no joke sometimes I just think that I am ligitly crazy then I am like no I'm just different, then I wonder if everyone else thinks a…

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Maxine — frozen mustaches Xmas Jokes, Aunty Acid, Funny Quotes, Humor, Tri

Maxine-If i had to live with seven men, I`d take the · Haha Funny ...

Maxine on cleaning up leaves

Maxine photo: Voting Cartoon This photo was uploaded by shellylue Haha Funny, Lol,

Google is a Woman Aunt Acid, Haha Funny, Lol, Hilarious Jokes, Funny

If it got dark any earlier, we wouldn't have to get up at all. Maxine I agree. I wish we would stay on daylight savings time all year. Lol

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I don't think the economy has so much turned around as it has backed. Cartoon Jokes · Funny Cartoons · Haha Funny ...

Do you know why we hold election in Nov? Aunty Acid, Haha Funny,

I start shopping in December just to spite the Xmas music right after Halloween! Funny

Maxine ~ I'd like to help you out... Aunty Acid,

s fabulous fussbudget?a year of MAXINE? is what you need to sharpen your sarcastic wit and embrace your inner-gru

funny maxine

Maxine knows the importance of good snow tires.

Maxine. Maxine Haha, Funny ...

Maxine Cartoon

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Maxine - the mirror Aunty Acid, Aging Humor, Funny Sayings, Auntie, Cartoon

Don't know what my blood type is but it wouldn't surprise me

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Maxine's Thanksgiving Turkey Jokes, Thanksgiving Humor, Thanksgiving Parade, Thanksgiving Celebration, Thanksgiving Traditions

Photo: My neighbors just put up a privacy fence. Good... now

ball drop for New Year's Eve | Maxine for 2014-12-31 Aunty Acid

Maxine knows what she'll ask Santa for this year. Christmas Jokes, Christmas

Maxine: I thought I saw a werewolf in my bathroom. Turns out, I just needed to shave my legs.

For my niece Broom.

I wish my exes well Funny Cartoons, Laugh Out Loud, I Laughed, Senior

Best Of Maxine Comics – 24 Pics

Maxine - Too funny. Maxine is funny without any caption needed. However this quote depicts Maxine saying her role is to mind her business.

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Discover and share New Funny Quotes From Maxine. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love.

It's scary when you start making the same noises as your coffee maker.hahaha especially if you have a Keurig!

maxine quotes | Maxine+cartoon+quotes

Maxine knows why DIY goes bad sometimes. Aunty Acid, Viera, Aunty Quotes,

Maxine - Icy Roads ... I can totally relate to this one.... Plus it applies to rain slick roads in states that don't get snow/ice on the roads.

Maxine is CRAZY!!! She says what we are all feeling and thinking.

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Crabby Maxine Jokes | Maxine Crabby Road Comic Strip Free Cards Pic #20 Haha Funny

Maxine -- neighborhood watch

maxine.. you know she'd have something to say! Christmas Jokes,

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And simply don't give a shit my darling.

Maxine Comic Collection

I don't need much to keep me happy.

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Six assorted, vintage Maxine cartoons

20 Funny and Snarky Maxine Cards For Any Occasion: 20 Funny and Snarky Maxine Cards For Any Occasion