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Meet Bella Tori Winner of the Her Campus at WVU x Mirage Magazine

Meet Bella Tori Winner of the Her Campus at WVU x Mirage Magazine


BT: My name is Isabella Tori. I'm an Exercise Physiology major from Morgantown, West Virginia.

Meet Natalie Bowman, Writer for HC at WVU

Profile on Morgan Tracey, President of the Society of Women Engineers

Boston protests show negative impact technology has on American workforce. “

Meet Bria Smith, March For Our Lives Activist

Meet McKenzie Hall, with her thoughts on WVU, joining a sorority and more

Meet Shannon Paul: Smart Style by Shannon Paul

Meet Brishti White, president of the WVU Neuroscience Club

HC WVU '18-'19: Meet Christina Kamkutis, Campus Editor

Pulitzer Prize-winning Photojournalist, Cara Owsley

How companies are encouraging millennials to vote

HC WVU: Meet your Vice President Rachel Johnson

What's it like studying journalism/political science in 2018?

Meet Jax Anderson: Frontwoman for Flint Eastwood

Profile on Maggie Robertson, a host of Beyond the Binary on U92

Combatting Self-Doubt During Finals

Winter VSCO Filters

West Virginia University celebrates diversity with Women of Color Luncheon

This Guy Got So Drunk That He Took A $1,600 Uber Ride & Aren't You Glad You're Not Him?

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The state of the tourism industry in 2018, according to three experts

'Project Verify' begs quite a few questions

What I learned from seeing a career counselor

Jameela Jamil's 'I Weigh' movement

The art of shopping carts: A look into Boston's cooperative gallery space

New Year's Resolutions

County Chair of Monongalia County Democrats Kathleen Abate on the 2018 Elections

How I Stay Inspired to Write

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President Gee's final decision on fraternities

Sunken Cities, Empty Wallet

Journaling is Underrated: Here's Why You Should Pick it Up

My #1 Pin From Each of My Pinterest Boards

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4 Creative Documentaries to Watch on Your Next Study Break

Playing with Dollies: From Big to Small, They've Got it All

We have extended our #SpringFever contest until Wednesday. You have even longer to post

From Unearthed Winner To Aussie Legend: Missy Higgins Candidly Reflects On Her Life In Music | Utter Buzz!

Alcohol and drug abuse in college

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Bella, one of Trey and Sue Anastasio's two children. She was kind enough to answer some of my questions and ...

Anthony Morgan: A Moment in the Spotlight

4 Underrated Holiday Gift Ideas

5 Instagram Influencers to Follow for All Your Holiday Inspiration

Graffiti—Art or Vandalism?

... 2018 for its 5th Year to the region's favorite family-friendly venue, Sleepy Creek on the Potomac in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.

UMass Amherst starts new School of Earth and Sustainability

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These books, all for young people, highlight activism and resistance in their stories.

Bluegrass In The Bottoms Announces Initial 2018 Lineup

If you feel like long title sequences are getting in the way of your epic binge-watching nights, Netflix is trying to help you out.

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Suffocating in Silence: Winner of Valley Advocate Juniper Writing Scholarship puts displacement in its place

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What started a decade ago as Jeremy Schon'spet project when the Pigeons Playing Ping Pongguitarist was a student at the University of Maryland is now ...

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This is health care.

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Cute, squeezeable toys—from Sophie la Girafe to the humble rubber ducky—can fill up with a slimy black mold if moisture gets inside.

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Meet Jonathan Albright, The Digital Sleuth Exposing Fake News | Utter Buzz!

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Capitol File - 2016 - Issue 2 - Late Spring - Bellamy Young by MODERN LUXURY - issuu

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It was Memorial Day weekend in 1971 when Michael “Eppy” Epstein opened a nightclub in the sleepy town of Rosalyn. “My Father's Place” hosted some of the ...

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Trump's Plan to Scrap Mercury Regulations Won't Save Coal But It Will Cost Lives | Utter Buzz!

The winner of NYS Music's March Madness this year followed up their victory with the release of their EP Peacetime. Black Mountain Symphony is a six-piece ...

Progressives had reasons to celebrate the morning of Nov. 8 more than at any point in the past year. Not only did the Democrats capture the big prizes of ...

March 3rd – The award-winning nationally touring band Dynamo will be bringing down the house with their jazz, rock and funk fusion music with special guest ...

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Amid school walkouts, protesters in Springfield demand meeting about urban gun violence | Utter Buzz!

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Apple Hacked by Biggest Teen Fan: Report

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various offices connected via light trails in city

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Traveling alone has its perks: You get to do what you want, when you want, discover new and honest things about the world and yourself, ...

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A Big Change in NSA Spying Marks a Win for American Privacy

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We are excited to announce the 2018 Valley Advocate Readers' Poll winners! The categories and winners are available to view here.

... respect for the trivia game HQ (iOS and Android) after reading this analysis by professional trivia writer Paul Paquet. I also feel more ready to win, ...

As a collective whole, they have also managed to allow their children to live normal, peaceful lives out of the public eye. I wanted to get a glimpse of ...

My friend bought a GDP and showed it to me and I was hooked. I could play some wonderful old ROMs in a form factor that was superior to the Caanoo and ...

Support an incredible cause while getting a chance to win free shows for you and a guest at 22 venues in Georgia.

They may be the most un-Nashville Nashville band, though their geography shines through ...

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Hearing Aide: Marquee Grand 'Another Toke'

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