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Mid December Energies Mysticalearth to sky and beyond

Mid December Energies Mysticalearth to sky and beyond


Mid December Energies

Card Reading for Wednesday 5th December 2018 / Aine - Leap of Faith / Goddess Guidance

Angel Stories, Angel Drawing, Angel Guidance, Angel Arcangel, Angel Numbers, Angel

Angel poster: "angel touch" - based on original art of Henriette Angel Arcangel

Heavenly Angels, Angels In Heaven, Ascended Masters, Angel Images,

Light Angel, Magical Power, Angel Artwork, Angel Paintings, Cherubs, Angel Pictures

Color & Light

APHRODITE - Archangel Oracle - Divine Guidance Oracle Cards, Venus, Divine Feminine, Feminine

15 December – Saturday, Finding Sanctuary *Take care of yourself today. Find something

Do you want to learn how to hear your angels? If you are interested in

Heather Maria (@HMariaPhotos) | Twitter Soul Fire December 2018 energies

Back by Popular Demand! And redesigned with black borders that set off the luminous #

crystal energy

Angels Among Us, Real Angels, Angels In

Christmas Canvas, Christmas Angels, Christmas Art, Christmas Ornaments, Angel Ornaments, Victorian

Goddess Guidance Oracle

I love this picture. #Gaia #Art #awakening

known as al-Hallaj (the wool-carder), he was put to death in Baghdad for having uttered ana 'l haqq (I am the Truth): I am He whom I love, ...

Lightweaver* Feel the magic in the air. We have the power to create miracles. Visualize the earth's energy grid connected to the "Christ Consciousness" as ...

In fact,

Alcyone the most important star in the Pleiades streaming Light & Love to Earth.

Love this quote! Consciousness, Quotes On Science, Spiritual Awareness, Question Everything Quotes

What you seek is seeking you ~ Rumi - Pinned by The Mystic's Emporium on Etsy

More hope in looking forward, right? Positive

sky full of stars.. Nebulas, Horsehead Nebula, Nasa Space Pictures, Pictures

Mystical Earth Tours (Glastonbury) - 2019 All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos) - TripAdvisor

Creativity and Learning ... 7 Lessons from Da Vinci You Should Know

All ...

All ...

La stella Mary el-tarot

~ Moon and star Spica from late night to dawn January 13 #Astronomy | Tech, stars and robots | Pinterest | January 13

Spirit Soul, Namaste, Zen, Meditation, Brain, Spirituality, The Brain,

Moon rising in front of the milky way.

Feel the energy of the cosmos pulsating within...let it saturate your core

Healing Morning Rituals That WILL Make You More Positive – *Positive Provocations* Mental Health

Magic, the beauty is all around uw. Just look and see.#pinksky

FULL MOON SuperMoon in Gemini December 13th / 14th 2016~ | MYSTICMAMMA.COM : consciousness, spirituality, astrology, wisdom, inspiration new

The More You Tune In

NASA's MAVEN spacecraft has taken high-resolution photos of the Red Planet's atmosphere in ultraviolet light, revealing odd details of its cloud formation.

Thru TIME and SPACE, I will find you. Our Souls are connected. ~

We could certainly use some quiet time of reflection today as we start the week sending our love to those in and beyond.

Sunset in Africa

BIRCH If you were born under the energy of the Birch you are highly driven and can easily become caught up in your own zeal, drive and ambition.

Divine Feminine Spotlight with Medicine Woman, Jennifer Mizel Spiritual Beliefs, Spirituality, Feminine Energy

Beautiful moonrise Beach Bodys, Moonlight, Beautiful World, Beautiful Moon, Beautiful Things,


Watch the moon slide down the ecliptic - the pathway of the moon and planets - in the predawn sky on Debruary February 13 and February Read

It was just about three months ago that the astronomy world watched in awe as the recently-discovered comet Lovejoy plummeted toward the Sun on what what ...

The Group - Bodes Galaxy and the Cigar Galaxy Bodes Galaxy, also known as NGC 3031 or is a spiral galaxy about 12 million light-years away in the ...

Lovely Sunday xoxo M. Georginis Crystal Ball, Bubble Photography, Glass Photography, Abstract

crackling campfire/ the comet's tail/ streams towards morning (haiku by susan) Beautiful


Deserted road near Dryburgh in the Scottish Borders after a hard frost on Christmas Day. Yes, I even love Scotland in the winter. Trees are my favorite

mystical earth Most Beautiful, Beautiful World, Beautiful Places, Beautiful Scenery, Naturally Beautiful

Photo 14-11-13 3 56 44 pm Godly Quotes, Words Quotes,

All ...

False-color representation of Ceres' Occator crater, designed to highlight differences in surface composition (Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA/MPS/DLR/IDA)

The Himalayas from above. Just beautiful. Photo via Ashley Amundson on Pinterest. Himalaya

Photo op in the western sky Feb The thin waxing crescent moon joins up with Venus and Mars in Aries on Feb

SummerDreamz Fotos Tumblr, Summer Nature Photography, Aesthetic Photography Nature, Sunset Photography, Teenage

Your Life Is A Fairy Tale

Perseid, Mars, Jupiter and Orion (Annotated with constellations in Spanish) by Dani

In this Hubble Space Telescope composite image taken in April the sun-approaching Comet ISON floats against a seemingly infinite backdrop of numerous ...

Comet C/2011 L4 Panstarrs Taken by rolando ligustri on May 31, 2013 @ from New Mexico IT14 of

One of the lessons of the past 10 years of the climate change debate has been

Ahmet krtl

Creepy Dead Trees Night Scene Headless Horseman, The Horseman, Dark Gothic, Gothic Art

How different would life be if we lived it with the mindset that everything is conscious

Fantasy Landscape, Fantasy Download, Fantasy Printable, Island in the Sky

January Full Moon, Full Moon 2018, Lunar Eclipse, Super Moon, Equinox, Blue Moon, Celestial, Strong .

Human consciousness has more than five senses and is even more profound awareness than the sub

Mark Mabrey Photography - Light and Life. "Then we which are alive and remain

Govetts Tree, Govetts Leap in the Blue Mountains, Australia. Photo: Franklin K


The Sun sets on a beach near Oamaru on the South Island, New Zealand -


A sky full of stars 05 ~~Dolphin Point under the stars, Hayman Island, Australia by Jerome Berbigier~~


Lunar Eclipse: Full Moon in Pisces, September (pisces moon prayer- art by mystic mamma)

Cryptic Paradox uploaded by py.△ on We Heart It

Understanding last quarter moon |

Alright, this is a baller option. It's also one of those options where if you have ...

Her name means “Lady of the Wheel,” or “Silver Wheel”, in reference to astronomical rotations. Image by Jennifer Gelinas.

"One only force, LOVE, links infinite worlds and makes them alive."

“Everyone we 'meet' in this Earth walk, we've known them before and will see them this dimensional reality of consciousness or another.

Putting commercial into space: SpaceX Falcon 9 Photos)

More energy from the sun hits Earth every hour than the planet uses in a year

Is Marijuana Prohibition a Suppression of The Divine Feminine Sacred Feminine, Devine Feminine, Feminine

Tree of Life Spiritual Images, Spiritual Messages, Spiritual Quotes, Happy Spring, Vernal

NASA Scientists Fact-Check “The Martian” | HIGH T3CH

NASA's Astronomy Picture Of The Day – The Pillars Of Eagle Castle

Star of Bethlehem? Alien Art, Celestial, Aliens And Ufos, Ancient Aliens,

Desiderata: Words for Life., by Max Ehrman Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. Desiderata Max Ehrman Words_for_Life startyoursunnyday.

Creator's Playground: Grafolio Luna Moon, Moon Art, Drawing For Kids, Stars And

We Have New Neighbours: Dwarf Galaxies Found Orbiting The Milky Way

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free star constellation pictures and sayings | send a night sky ecard Nighttime Sky, Star

This Sunday's full moon in Gemini is all about "Gratitude for what we have and a willingness to move with the energy that is calling.