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Positive Black Stories on Instagram In the late 1950s tampons

Positive Black Stories on Instagram In the late 1950s tampons


Positive Black Stories on Instagram: “In the late 1950s, tampons were available to

Black History on Instagram: “#Firstknowthyself#Blackhistory #Problack #Blackisbeautiful #blackentrepreneurs #Blackkings #Blackqueens #Supportblack ...

Moor Info on Instagram: ““Dr. Gladys West was inducted into the Air


Danielle Pioli - Artist on Instagram: “Comic Strip of the week: Period days usually suck! Even when I'm being period positive, sometimes it's just annoying ...

11 fashion quotes that make perfect Instagram captions

A two-page copy of the Bloody History zine showing a collage of Moddess brand

A two-page spread of the Heavy Flow zine with an article titled “Biological “

Instagram is where young Indians come to bare their soul

Are you accidentally using banned hashtags?

A comic with a series of panels showing a woman waking up in the early morning

Eames & House Remix by The Type Hunter #typehunter #eames #houseindustries Instagram



A page showing an advertisement for Tampax tampons showing women smiling and doing things like walking

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Detail of a page from the Heavy Flow zine showing an article titled “Kicking the

Feminist ♀ on Instagram: “👏👏👏”

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First periods can stay in your mind for a long time (Picture:

Menstruation in the 1990s: Feminist Resistance in Saskia's Heavy Flow Zine

I Am Just A Number - Funny Quotes & True Stories

Another type study featuring speed lines and rough cuts from The 40s and 50s #typehunter

[Photo: A black-and-white photo of Pope Paul VI who reaffirmed

The Root Disgusting University of Hartford Freshman who Rubbed Used Tampons on Black Roommate's Bag, | Utter Buzz!

For women who could afford such things and had access to them, there were options such as the “Hoosier” sanitary belt, which held cloth pads in place, ...

1992 losses

Leona Chalmers Inventor of Menstrual Cup

Instagram logo image for Top Hashtags On Instagram: The Ultimate Guide!


19 English Plus Size Bloggers To Know Because In A Population Of 53 Million There Are Many Body Positive Gems

Article from Saskia's zine bordered by illustrations of vaginas that begins “Tired of paying ridiculous


5 tips for using social media: Twitter and Instagram

From Marilyn Monroe To Jayne Mansfield, 11 Classic Pinup Beauties From The Past


Instructions on the Montgomery Method. Photo: Fellowship of Reconciliation


Serena Williams

Does this mean it's a show only for the ladies? In fact, only for the bleeding ones? Absolutely not! This entertaining romp through puberty had the whole ...

Wikimedia Commons


W42ST Magazine Issue 11 - Thank You Hell's Kitchen! by W42ST Magazine - issuu

first menstrual cup

But seriously, what brand of tampons is this?


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Winter Spring Guide Finalweb

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Instagram post by Jessica Walsh • May 10, 2016 at 2:37am UTC

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Trina Born: “I've been coming here since this place was Comiskey's.

Black Twitter is Dead

Instagram's CEO Is Counting on Selena Gomez, Kevin Hart and 500 Million More to Win Digital Media's New Game

Oprah Winfrey, Ava DuVernay on the Push for "Inclusion" (Not Diversity), Tackling Black Lives Matter Beyond the "Hashtag"


In a Washington Post article, Jannie Duncan's friends and co-workers came to her defense following her surprising arrest. (Photo courtesy Washington Post ...

Jury members leave the courtroom. Aunt Nell wears white slacks, and in her right hand is a crumpled tissue. (Photo courtesy the Birmingham Public Library ...

Image by circular.flanders (on Instagram)


Spotlight on Implanon and Mirena long-acting reversible contraceptives, as women report severe side-effects - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)


We see so many objects that belong together. #thcoassembly #vintageobjects #vintagecuration #

Mona Lisa QR code. “

126 Artist-Run Gallery is delighted to announce an open call for a month-long paid residency at 126, Deadline is October 5th. The resident will receive a ...


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Nothing like the 1st to make you feel positive, strong, determined and productive for all of about three hours and eight minutes.

Ireland ...

(Picture: International ...


Albert A. Berg as a young doctor (seated, second from left).


'Incredibles 2' Review: Fun But Far From Incredible – Variety

Instagram Challenge Turns into Best-Selling Children's Book

Left: Dr. Albert A. Berg, holding Blake's Europe, in an oil

3. Assata Shakur




(Ball State University, University Libraries Archives and Special Collections)

In Pinkerton ...

'How Carl Reiner Changed My Life'

... the actions of ...

New Fun: The Big Comic Magazine No. 1 (1934)


Advertisement for Wilson's Local Anesthetic in Dental Clippings, vol. 3, no. 6