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Remembering names of conditions can sometimes be confusing

Remembering names of conditions can sometimes be confusing


Remembering names of conditions can sometimes be confusing, especially when the name isn't

Progression from normal aging to MCI and dementia


Delirium. “


Symptoms specific to different dementia types

Warning signs for dementia stages

a graphic diagram of the different areas of the brain and their functions

Antihistamines and sleeping pills can hurt your memory.

Do you ever confuse right from left? Gerry Gormley, CC BY-NC-SA

Illustration of human brain with puzzle piece missing, depicting memory loss as a symptom of


Women who reported problems with their memory were 70 per cent more likely to be later

Old woman confused at calendar

Why Do I Confuse People's Names? Here Are 3 Possible Explanations, According To Science

Face blindness, or prosopagnosia, is a condition where a person struggles to recognise a

In the earlier stages, memory loss and confusion may be mild. The person with dementia may be aware of — and frustrated by — the changes taking place, ...

Dementia and memory problems

People who have face blindenss may cope by using alternative ways to recognise people, such

You're Bad at Remembering Names Because There's No Reason You Should Be Good at It

A good social life can keep your mind sharp as you age.

Bad News for People Who Can't Remember Names

Flashbulb memories – why do we remember learning about dramatic events so vividly?

brain fog fuzzy thinking

It's hard for family members and partners to believe that a person with bipolar disorder can't remember certain mood swings. I often hear the question, ...

Depression - What you need to know cover image

Overview of Delirium

In March 1988, residents of the small town of Stuart, Florida, were gripped by what can only be described as mass hysteria. Law enforcement officers had ...

Lost & Found: What Brain Injury Survivors Want You to Know

Boy clutching head reading

Anomic aphasia

Recovering from Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI)

What Exactly Does the “Mild†in Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Mean?

Remedies for insomnia can include methods of balancing hormones in the body, eating more protein before sleeping, lowering your exposure to electromagnetic ...

These 10 Drugs Can Cause Memory Loss

Brain fog may cause confusion and disorientation, affecting memory, information processing, and spatial

Want to Remember Everything You'll Ever Learn? Surrender to This Algorithm

'My husband can no longer remember my name' - BBC News

Everyone becomes forgetful from time to time: forgetting where you placed the car keys, not remembering to pick up an item at the grocery store, ...

At a Glance

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TBI Basics

Memory problems such as forgetting your keys are normal and occur because short-term memory

Drawing a blank in the brain is frustrating when you have work to do or something

Traumatic Brain Injury Linked to Increased Risk of Suicide

Young woman looks confused trying to remember a name.

If you constantly forget what you had for breakfast, or you can't recall the name of that restaurant you just went to, take note.

An artistic representation of a man experiencing memory loss

Mia Tomova: 'I'm dreadful with directions because I can't remember landmarks.' Photograph: Nikolay Doychinov for the Guardian

Woman rubbing temples, Medications that cause memory loss

When dementia sufferers are experiencing confusion and memory changes, they'll commonly stick with a strict routine as a way to cope and feel safer.

Troubled woman

“I still remember the day my brain broke”

Dyslexia May Be Behind Directional Confusion

... frustrating, and sometimes worrisome. When they happen more than they should, they can trigger fears of looming dementia or Alzheimer's disease.

Everything You Need to Know About What Causes Lupus

Credit Johnny Selman

Seniors with dementia sometimes say hurtful things


You're Getting Dumber as You Age: Here's How to Slow the Decline

Forgetting what to do with everyday objects. According to Jessica Zwerling, MD, MS, director of the Memory Disorders Center at the Montefiore Health System, ...

Illustration of a woman having trouble finding words, remembering dates, losing keys

Brain Injury May Increase Risk of Alzheimer's Disease

What Causes Aphasia

Stress, grief and lack of sleep can also affect memory, as can doing too

Abnormalities ...

DNA evidence exonerated six convicted killers. So why do some of them recall the crime so clearly?


Despite the medical training medical professionals receive, proper identification is still sometimes hindered by the fact that reactions to ...

The customer is always right?

Overview of Cluster C Personality Disorders

Forgetting a friend's name or not remembering a lunch date is something that most people without dementia do from time to time. Someone with early dementia, ...

Cognitive bias cheat sheet

An upset student holds his head at his desk.


Many people with prosopagnosia cannot even recognise family members, partners or friends (file photo

Not only do they shape what we think and how we understand but they shape the connections and opportunities that we see.