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Salve Teragmon by Nordvargr Musique t Lp vinyl

Salve Teragmon by Nordvargr Musique t Lp vinyl



Limited Edition Cassette.

LP Edition of 200 copies in Standard LP Sleeve, with printed Inner Sleeve on Clear Vinyl. 10 Tracks. Running time 37:44. Includes unlimited streaming of ...

Nordvargr - Logo & Rosary T-Shirt


NORDVARGR "Metempsychosis" Album Trailer

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ᚾᛟᚢ ᛁᛁ // ᚦᛟᚦ ᚷᛁᚷ (Nordvargr + Trepaneringsritualen) - 'Alpha Ænigma' CD


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Arditi / Toroidh - United in Blood. Legendary Martial Industrial masterpiece now available as digital

Shipping now: MZ.412 - ULVENS BRODER 10”. We have copies of

Alberich / Lussuria – Borgia LP Hospital Productions 2018

The album artwork I did for MZ.412 ULVENS BRODER 10”, get it

Check out the new Mz. 412 album 'Svartmyrkr'. http://


Trepaneringsritualen – Kainskult LP Tesco Organisation 2017

... The T × R × P curse befalls Pordenone this Saturday Facebook event

new noise from crucial blast.

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Nordvargr ...

Thank you Cold Spring!! #coldspringrecords #mz412 #testdepartment

MZ.412 - Burning the temple of God Lp Black limited 206 #mz412 #

MZ.412 - Burning the temple of God Lp Black limited 206 #mz412 #

Nordvargr – The Secret Barbarous Names

GeorgeGeorgieff ( @gp.georgieff )

Analfabetism – Skammen

Mikael Ikivesi ( @mikaelikivesi )

Mz.412 Vs Folkstorm – Live Ceremony

Arum Lilies – Dismal Fantasies

Genocide Organ – Civilzation

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One additional date has been added to the forthcoming Author & Punisher / T × R ...

Augure Concret – An Act Of Desperation / Cephalophore

Mz.412 - Cold Meat Industry trading card, circa 1996. #coldmeatindustry #

#nowspinning #mz412 / #nordvargr - #ulvensbroder #darkindustrial #coldspringrecords #vinyl

GeorgeGeorgieff ( @gp.georgieff )

Not Your Regular Music Blog 🌀 ( @thenebularmaelstrom )

... about this box-set. Parts of that text were used as the promotional text for this release, and short fragments of it were also used in the booklet to ...

Various Artists – Certified Dead

Artist: Chen I Pitcher I Van Nort (@) Title: One History of Troy Format: LP Label: Attenuation Circuit (@)

Alfarmania & Proiekt Hat – Flugornas Herrar

Alberich – Precursor

Artist: Didi Kern & Philipp Quehenberger Title: Linz Format: 12" vinyl + Download Label: Shameless. “

Kultur Operating P:N:S – Repeat Offense MC Trapdoor Tapes 2017

Format: 12" vinyl + Download Label: 4mg Records

Noise Receptor Journal ( @noisereceptorjournal )

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Arditi / Toroidh - United in Blood, Neuropa records. Download at: Leidungr.

raison d'être – Alchymeia


Kainskult LP on translucent red vinyl. . Purchase this and other T × R ×

Lamia Vox


DIY human bone and Paulo Santo mala with T × R × P bind rune,

DIY human bone and Paulo Santo mala with T × R × P bind rune,

Worgor - "Invidious" Album Review (dark ambient/noise)


NORDVARGR @ "Will To Power Electronics II", Mannheim 2016

Unfortunately, brother Nordvargr has been forced to cancel his presence at Der Tag Der Befreiung

Antichrist (Limited To 500 Copies) [BLACK VINYL]

412' T-Shirt' (CSR147TS)

Perfection & Permanence — Blood red LP. . Purchase this and other T × R



Abscheu – Pretense LP Unrest Productions 2017

Various Artists - An Afflicted Man's Musica Box. LP

While not being overtly dark or morbid in tone and quite playful on occasion, World of Shells wears an 'experimental industrial' tag like a badge of honour ...

Controlled Bleeding - Music From The Scourging Ground

Goda Stirna ( @goda.stirna )

Artist: Begin Title: Love International Recordings 001. Format: 12" vinyl + Download Label: Love International Recordings

first slide image ...

Desiderii ...

SM-050 DOM DRACUL - "Attack On The Crucified" 12" LP 2018

TenHornedBeast – Death Has No Companion

Концерт Тревора Данна, Балажа Панди и Джейсона Кенена

Triangular Ascension

Cordis Cincti Serpente – Cenobitorium

Tracks: June 2nd, 2014

Guilty Connector and John Wiese Split LP

Felicific Algorithim

Published by The Noise Beneath the Snow

LP Label : Self-released, UK, 2013. Limited edition of 125 copies. Link provided by Carlo

LP 1

NON , Boyd Rice - Back To Mono Label: Mute Artists Ltd Format: Vinyl, LP + CD Date: 2012. Style: Noise, Industrial, Experimental

From Somewhere To Nowhere

A Wound Of Body

Desiderii Marginis - "Vita Arkivet" Album Review (dark ...

On The Edge Of Human Being


Salve Teragmon! From Værmaland to Göta Länder, comes a box of utter #deathandecstasy

Maschinenzimmer 412 -Malfeitor LP 1989, spare A5, 6 panel insert #mz412 #

Ur Djupan Dal [VINYL]


Thanks Henrik Nordvargr Björkk ( @nrdvrgr ) for new CD & Cassette releases on Cyclic

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