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Walking by the trash when its full Tumblr in 2019 t

Walking by the trash when its full Tumblr in 2019 t


ahfyauroralynne Source:clayandcrags Just because you're trash doesn't mean you can

How much fun would that be Games At School, College Freshman Meme, Freshman Quotes

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Not khaki you slut ...

Tumblr conversation about how the Church is very goth aesthetically speaking

Tumblr taking John Mulaney's words out of context ...

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Funny Tumblr post of giant crystal for banishing someone

I ain't lettin shit slide in 2019 throwin down that rock salt, clear all the sliding shit up!!!

When I was younger I would walk out of the room (I just hide under


Can Tumblr Build the TV Ratings Metric of the Future?

Tumblr's Most Evergreen Meme Has Always Been Its Own Death

Tumblr Users Are Unhappy About the Site's Porn Ban

apatheticghost my friends introducing me to people AND HIS NAME IS GARBAGE 266,773 notes

Yes! Happened so many times before! Funny Cute, The Funny, Hilarious,

funny tumblr post about the word horse in axioms

I'm going to say it three times at the beginning of this post. Even so, people will read this (or won't) and will argue that this is what I'm saying.

Sarah Lawrence for Vox

tumblr dialogue about how ADHD and autism aren't new diseases, it's just they


The 1975, Tumblr IRL


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Something a garbage son might do. (All illustrations: Franzisca Barczyk)

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Walking Dead Season 8 finale


If you haven't read it yet, please check out Pete Saunders' excellent new piece For Some, The Price is Too Damn Low over at Forbes.

artist Finbarr Dac. “

i love stuff like this bc it only proves that the internet didn't make

Funny Women Tumblr Posts

By NPR News | January 15, 2019

tumblr interview header

Lloyd Alter's recent piece, The Issue for Boomers Won't Be “Aging in Place”, raised some important points about transportation, urban design, ...

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36 Tumblr Posts And 19 Tweets About "Avengers: Infinity War" That Are A Real Mood

... its crudely affixed Barbie legs. A Furby with a pearl nameplate necklace eats beef-fried noodles, while a fluffy pink Furby makes gingerbread men in a ...

So here's this garbage boi. I love him. Total trash goblin, a literal walking hemorrhoid, but look at him. This boi hasn't slept in weeks.

don't mess with him 😈

Dear two-faced friend, I can't seem to decide which face of

... a gray-spotted Furby driving a full-size John Deere tractor.

Lennie James as Morgan Jones, Garret Dillahunt as John - Fear the Walking Dead _

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37 Songs To Stop You From Texting That Fuckboy

Since 1999, Nike has offered the public a shot at its very own one-of-one sneakers via their iD program.The price isn't that outrageous compared to a ...

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These days, the term skews less sinister and more silly. It's also way more common. Joking about the caliber of celebrity present at the 2014 Golden Globes, ...


the 1975, Tumblr IRL

Funny Women Tumblr Posts

My name is Max Dubler, and I am a professional photographer who has been working full time in downhill skateboarding for the last several years.

Justin Timberlake didn't need 'NSYNC anymore. But would Rap Monster be anything without BTS?

A different Furby reclines on its crudely affixed Barbie legs. A Furby with a pearl nameplate necklace eats beef-fried noodles, while a fluffy pink Furby ...

Aziz Ansari has responded to a claim of sexual misconduct by a woman he took out last September.


Visiting the imperial palace in Seoul, South Korea

Tumblr exchange highlighting the differences between winter games and summer games at the Olympics


Jefferson is trash.

He frequents Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook because that's just how things are these days for people who work on the internet.

The color isn't going anywhere.

The 1975 Tumblr IRL

Disposable Coffee Cups Stacked by The Binners' Project (Used with permission.)

Agbogbloshie is a playground for Kwabena Labobe, 10. His parents are not able to

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Tumblr, being tumblr, latched on to the "can't read" part of the description and labeled the character as an offensive stereotype.

Troy Fall of a City Netflix Helen Paris

tumblr writing prompts about ancient dragon

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'Walking Dead' Names Angela Kang Showrunner, Scott Gimple Elevated to Chief Content Officer

the mummy dark universe universal

Each line displays a page's title and an icon representing its page type. A house icon appears to the left of your homepage. Click the + icon at the top to ...

all of us logging onto tumblr dot com on december 18th after declaring for the 85397th time we would delete our blogs

Scientific evidence shows that bacteria are developing antibiotic resistance as a result of ABX use in animal agriculture. These bacterial “superbugs” ... #autumn #awesome #beautiful #black #body #chic #classy #clothes #clothing #cool #denim #fall #fashion #girl #girly #goth #grunge #heels ...

Literally Just 21 Really Funny Tumblr Responses

I'm for immigrants who contribute to the economy in the regular, working and

Best of Intentions 2018. Good to have a look back to see how many we kept (plus there's alway 2019).


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