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You can now buy an Amen break waveform made out of wood Home

You can now buy an Amen break waveform made out of wood Home


You can now buy an Amen break waveform made out of wood - FACT Magazine: Music News, New Music.

You can now buy an Amen break waveform made out of wood - FACT Magazine: Music News, New Music.

You can now buy an Amen break waveform made out of wood

Amen Break Waveform laser cut 37x11 by cactusbathcreative on Etsy

[ IMG]

Side note — I can't help but be reminded of Star Wars shield generators when I see this. Am I alone?

Abstract sound wave, wood wall art, wood wall, sound wave wall art by Woodartplanet on Etsy

Hand crafted audio clip. Waveform. Wood working. Anniversary. [email protected]

Custom 52inch Light Wood Soundwave, Sound Wave Art, Music Wall Art, Home Decor

Let It Be, Song Sound Wave Art, Wood Soundwave, Colorful Wall Art, Rock and Roll Song, Waveform, Mus | Products | Pinterest

hayakumo forma vu meters wooden sides (3)

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Give the Amen Break the recognition it deserves

Subzerowolf qpzd1y

Linn Custom Install

The ability to create, save & edit your favourite playlists is now available from today in Kazoo, Linn's control

Omnisphere 2

Photo Credit: Will Howcroft, “16 on Center”, Boston Sculptors Gallery, 2018

These sorts of things are made in the moment and that moment is incredibly important because of the context that surrounds it, so repeating the moment is ...

world wide web

... and are committed to stewarding them from matriculation to graduation. Among the works is this grid of graduation caps in the lobby of their Seaport ...

I think we can all identify with Tim's struggle. We always think that more expensive gear equals better, and that gear in general is the difference maker in ...

photo courtesy of Randy Karels

Sounds To Sample

To be the shop Il mondo esterno of the checkbox and to be it, please vie us by felling. sets 've sure of their deep situations. TYPO3 CMS is with ABSOLUTELY ...

Illustration of the progression of the stadium wave. The stadium-wave 'wheel' is divided into segments (from center to perimeter): the light gray ring ...

Open Thread 15

You know, you can pre-record the whole thing, press play, and dance around, shaking your booty and it would sound like our records…or….you can get a band in ...



The Perfect Wave: With Neutrinos at the Boundary of Space and Time

Amen Break; Alicia Rey, House of Colour, Bayshore NY(

The Waveform Transmitter Presents House For The Homeless

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The Science of Sound and Tunings

Some earlier hardware samplers featured the waveform display for truncating samples, but the graphic resolution within the computer made this even ...

Two New Stands Now Available For Elektron Digitakt

Baltimore up-and-comer Black Zheep DZ teams with Awful's KeithCharles SpaceBar for ominous

Feature: ...

Custom wood 3D Amen Break waveform sculpture I ordered as a Christmas present to myself.

The Leviathan from the ...




It's surprisingly solid, and I can easily cut the blank as I buy more modules. Every time I cut it, I'll essentially be making a new ...

Pirate radio, Garage, dubstep, grime; all of these and more are repped on the release, while staying faithful to Dylan's own production techniques.

a close up of a building


With ten minutes to spend before the interview, I took a short walk around his neighborhood in Silver Lake. The bio-diversity, seemingly-secret homes, ...


When you're not looking, I'm just a waveform ...


Waveforms T-Shirt


MUFF WIGGLER :: View topic - [Project] Music Thing Radio Music 4hp sample player


Experiment: How does it sound near the ground, near a wall, ...

The song uses only four chords, but they're an interesting four: C minor, E-flat major, A-flat major, and G7. To find out why they sound so good together, ...

The words "The Wire" in white lettering on a black background. Below it

Guy ...

I paced it out & it was about 15m long, and as its made of solid steel it didn't take much to coax some beautiful resonating sounds from it – have a ...

Credit: Newcastle University

It was quite hard to decide whether to choose stackables or multiples, but I finally chose Bastl multiples since they can be stacked as well:

a screenshot of a video game

See more of Estonian Music Producers on Facebook

... – Download ...


If you get passed on the motorway by a silver 4WD with a Make Noise sticker, you know who to blame.

The first of this week's Waveform Mixes comes from Congellous, a former breaks DJ now turned to house and techno. The Waveform Transmitter's Ste Knight ...

Attack x Kyle Platts 'Wall Of Noise' poster

could you give me anymore information to help me figure out what changed? I attached an image of what I mean by notes, and the separate outputs we have

Life Magazines (Surrey & Berkshire editions) November 2018

Picture of Finding Remix Material

... black male body within ...

Hideout board game by Disney Research.

“Wu-Tang meets the Happy Mondays”: the Levelz crew raise it up

When you're not looking, I'm just a waveform ...

If you want to read more please check out Null Pointer, a novel about a programmer turned amateur sleuth. Now only .99 cents in the Kindle store!

Global warming on trial and the elementary error of physics that caused the global warming scare | Watts Up With That?

But the anger against sclerotic oligarchies and a condescending establishment is ironically mimicked by exactly the most unsettling and authoritarian ...

Annea ...

The Waveform Transmitter's Ste Knight listens to two tracks that draw ...


You can walk all around a room being pressurized by a pair of Maggies and get almost exactly the same listening experience as if you were sitting in the ...

... of blackness, but by setting loose a disparate set of recognizably ...

Bill Nollman installs the FM Yagi during rainy weather. Reception of 100.9 "Big Dog" with the Moxon antenna (right).

Trickster ...

You can now make waveform measurements digitally accurate, digitally fast, at the push of


L to R: 4MS Row Power 30, Pittsburgh Modular MIDI2, Synthrotek MST Noise/S&H, Make Noise 6 HP blank, Pittsburgh Modular Waveforms, Pittsburgh Modular LFO2, ...



East Valley Tribune - Northeast Mesa June 24, 2018 by Times Media Group - issuu

Its funny how in moments like that your survival instincts kick in – I'm pretty sure I blacked out briefly, but I also vividly remember working out exactly ...