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Hahhahahahhahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahhahhhahhahahahhahha oh no

Hahhahahahhahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahhahhhahhahahahhahha oh no


hahhahahahhahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahhahhhahhahahahhahha, oh no offense really, it' s just funny.

hahhahahahhahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahhahhhahhahahahhahha, oh no offense really, it' s just funny. | cool quotes | Aunty acid, Aunt acid, Lol

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This quote reminds me of my father, brother and sister. They love midnight snacks.

Here's a tip to get you through Monday, make sure you pass it on :

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Aunty Acid's TOP TEN hilarious thoughts on MARRIAGE Adult Humor, Funny Quotes, Laugh Quotes

aunty acid | Aunty Acid's solution for handling debt. El Humor, Humour, Laughter

How can we respectfully and compassionately help women approaching or over 50 who are struggling with

Aunty Acid

Any other sister got the butt jiggle

#Aunty_Acid never uses scales

Aunty Acid

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auntie acid

Aunty Acid

Absolutely! Aunty Quotes, Humour Quotes, El Humor, Silly Quotes, Funny Sayings

Auntyacid - I'm not a complete idiot


Not mentioning any names.

Aunty Acid

Funny images

Oh yea!

Aunty Acid

As much as it hurts, I usually cut them off. I have no time to waste on fools and asses, even well-meaning ones.


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Monster in law

Sure... I drink 6-8 glasses of water a day.

The sad life and you can't follow directions lol Funny Jokes, Funny Cartoons

You What Would Make House Cleaning Fun - A Maid

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Bizarro Blog! | By Dan Piraro | Page 530

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Aunty Acid

Need to find this man 8 Year Olds, Missing Persons, Join Facebook, Sad

Hahahaha this made me think of my friends!! (Lydia, Ph.D

Yuup, I climbed trees and got quite a no. of injuries while playing as a kid.

Have anyone in mind? Joke Of

Aunty Acid

Oh, yeah ;) Laughter, Funny Qoutes, Funny Pics, Silly Quotes,

I say the same thing about the cops at work... Bad aim in

Float your boat. Laughter, Funny Sayings, Funny Phrases, Funny Pics, Funny

Preschool== Camping Theme

Fitness Buff | Much funny. Very humor. Working It Out on

Well, maybe not my life but my car anyway.

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Aunty Acid

Get it right :) Diet Jokes, Diet Humor, Aunt Acid, Belly Laughs

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Funny Jokes about Ex Husbands

Birth: 22 Booze-Fueled eCards That Totally Speak to You Funny Memes, Funny

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In-laws are like cheap boxed wine, they just keep getting worse! | humor | Funny Quotes, Funny, Humor

This diet is working!! I've already lost 1 lbs in just 6 months!! | #eatclean #workout #fit #comedy | Much funny. Very humor. Working It Out on Alphacomedy. ...

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Aunty Acid

Aunty Acid

“No doubt remains that I am in fact completely bonkers!

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If A Girl are Really love's ...if not you will be finished True

January 4, 2014 - Saturday's Smile - Ballard Street

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lol! Gosh I can in laws don't really

product ...

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There should really be a way to stay with your spouse but divorce your in-

March 7, 2015 Saturday's Smile - LEANING TOWARD WISDOM Aging Humor, March 7,

Lol. That's what I would be like if I still lived in the big city.

Don't you hate it when you put somethin in a safe place so you don't lose it . then freakin' forget where that safe place is! oh my, has happened more than ...

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her face would be the pic next to this word in the dictionary.

Image result for aunty acid christmas

No broken heart, no painful tears, only a wounded knee, where a kiss from mom makes everything better.


In-laws are only good in-laws if they live in a different state

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Ballard Street by Jerry Van Amerongen for Jul 6, 2017 | Read Comic Strips at

Clearly my husband wasn't raised properly, he's so screwed ...

Ballard Street by Jerry Van Amerongen for December 17, 2016

a VERY enjoyable evening! Cartoon Smile, April 2nd, Calvin And Hobbes, Guitar

Star wars

Star Tours opened at Disneyland in January, It was the first attraction to open at a Disney park that was not based on a Disney-produced film.

Aunty Acid

mother in laws

funny+pictures+about+stupid+people | stupid people, funny Aunt Acid

grandparents playing favorites quotes - Google Search

If it were only that simple! Aunt Acid, Laugh Out Loud, Aunty Quotes

You Don't Know Me At All!! Funny Attitude Quotes, Boss Bitch

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Ballard Street by Jerry Van Amerongen for Mar 15, 2018

Ballard Street by Jerry Van Amerongen for October 06, 2006

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Mistletoe Kiss My Ass!

A mother loves her children no matter how old they get. A mother is someone you never take for granted. I love my Mother!